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Daily Practices: 2/23 – 3/1

March 1, 2014

I forgot to mention that on the 2/22 by the time I remembered to greet my shrines in the morning, my house was filled with a lot of guests, a lot of different faiths, so not wanting them to feel uncomfortable I did nothing more than blow kisses to the shrines and replace water on the ancestor shrine.  Before bed, I did my usual devotions.

2/23:  didn’t sleep well, lots of tossing and turning as if I was trying to escape something…woke up with a major headache that has been with me off and on most of the day.  Breakfast with our guests then they left for home.  Spent part of the day getting the house put back together and decorations taken down.  Part of my headache issues probably stem from taking down streamers and then doing a lot of stitching last night with my arms unsupported.  Emailed some recipes. Never made it to the grocery store or got laundry started.  Made an ethiopian dish for dinner.  It wasn’t bad but isn’t something I was going to crave either.  Boychild was really tired today.  Up early yesterday out of birthday party excitement and up early today to put together his lego sets.  By dinner time, he was regressing to a two year old…so working him through his spelling lists was difficult and didn’t go very well.  Two of the larger bills paid so we can turn the ringer back on.  More research on the blog that I didn’t get written last week.  I’ve caught myself a number of times thinking over the weekend and how much I enjoyed myself but I shouldn’t have said/done this, ranted about that, etc.  Second guessing myself is a habit I’ve had since I was bullied as a child.  Not sure how to cut it out or smother the urge to text/call and say “I’m sorry for such and such.”  Logic says that I may have gone a little over board here and there especially in my angry rants about the MIL but most of it was probably fine though I should probably rein in my touchy-feelie side a tad.  My internal bully says I went way overboard, that I need to talk less and listen more.  [sigh]  Sometimes my son surprises me.  There is a former friend at his school with whom he is in constant conflict.  Don’t ask either of us why because neither of us understands.  Well this boy had to cancel his birthday party…and my son felt bad for him.  Sometimes I think I’m doing ok as a mom.

2/24:  Boychild’s birthday.  Gave him the mug I decorated for him.  He seemed to like it.  No fighting to get him off to school.  Spent way too much time this morning arguing with our printer/scanner…evidently it has decided that it is no longer a scanner…that’s the problem with combo units.  Got the choclate “hay stacks” made to take in for 2nd snack in honor of my son’s birthday.  Exercised.  My goal is to step it up.  The dark months are over, the party stress is over, the money stress is slowly working itself out, so I need to suck it up and start exercising more often and find better snacks at night for the munchies after work and such.  Laundry started.  Cookies to school, grocery store, pick-up boychild, eat some yummy green chili and go to work. Shoulders are pretty cranky.  My laundry room smells of chili and I can’t figure out where it is coming from so that I can fix it…don’t want to continue with laundry until it smells no longer otherwise in the enclosed room the clothes will smell of chili…

2/25:  Morning went find until breakfast.  Boychild did NOT like banana with his chocolate and oatmeal.  I refused to waste food (I can’t eat bananas and Hubby rarely eats breakfast) so it was a battle.  Spent some timing getting words out of my head…that overwhelming urge of “you will write this NOW”.  Can’t get the chili smell out of my laundry room easily.  Will have to wash all the rags in there I think for that to work.  Leaving the door open in hopes of it airing out.  Silly hubby…no putting cooking crockpots in small enclosed rooms.  Short yoga routine.  Work.  Came home to a grumpy hubby because of the boychild.  I swear our son has regressed to being a 2 year old.  Popcorn fundraiser…I hate fundraisers as I was never a good salesman as a child…my goal is to sell 6 after crunching the numbers for their goal.  That should be doable.

2/26:  Much better pre-school morning with the boychild.  Wrote a poem about my experience on the last full moon.  Answered the next Polytheist meme question.  Laundry room appears to be aired out.  Yay!  Someone called in sick so I’m going in 4 hours early.  Feet are sore and tired.  I’m tired.  I’m sure there is something I should be doing.  Going to bed instead.

2/27:  I need to get that blog post written up, but whereas I was in the mood to write yesterday and got interrupted by work before I could get it done, today…today I just want to run amuck. AMUCK, AMUCK, AMUCK! I’m a pitiful panda…cause I’m not sure how to run amuck any more.  So laundry and mixed up natural peanut butter.   Only 2 short workouts ’cause my body is tired and sore.  Read a short book on Hawai’i Legends, a gift from OSO’s vacation there.  Started another book and finished it.  Distressed to find out that the author died before finishing the series.  I’m so not reading the last book!  Meditation…in which Zeus had red hair…which is the first time I’ve seen that.  Usually it is black.  Tired and a bit blue…so wanted to go to the Springs this weekend.  Surprised to see that one of my polytheist meme posted was shared…and it wasn’t even the one that I liked.  🙂

2/28:  Finally got my blog post written for good or bad, it was a toughy.  Next one is Aestas, Goddess/Personification of Summer.  Now there is a lady I’d like to embrace right now as I’m cold, cold, cold.  Inspiration struck and another blog posted.  Another attempt at finishing laundry but I keep getting distracted.  Cold.  My hands are cold, my nose is cold, my toes are cold…they are saying another 8″ out of this storm.  Ugh.  Still have bills we haven’t paid for the month.  Currently waiting on checks…just in time for the next round of bills to come due.  Sigh.  Tired, cold and gritchy.  Watched some things off the DVR until it was close enough to my bed time.

3/1:  slept in but still tired with a throat that feels odd.   Feeling groggy and listless even after coffee.  If Hubby was home, I’d go back to bed.  I bowed before the shrines and apologized for lack of honors today due to not feeling well…which also means doing nothing for the dark moon tonight.  No trip down to main street for the boychild to see ski joring.  Woke up with a story idea based on the 7 dwarves…wrote down the idea but not getting to it today.   Spent the afternoon doing legos with the boychild…about all I had the energy to do.  Luckily we got on well enough.  Took a rhyme for the dark moon found on Facebook and reworked it…which is rather hard when you can barely keep your eyes open.  I give up.  Good night.

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  1. March 2, 2014 10:35 AM

    So sorry for chili smell! I never even thought about that when it was out there 😦 should have put it in the house, I suppose.


    • March 2, 2014 10:42 AM

      No worries. Hubby didn’t think about it either. 🙂 It was good chili though!


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