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Reading: Know and Do

February 10, 2014
steampunk tarot

steampunk tarot

After yesterday, I needed some advice on what to expect and what to do.

Know:  7 of Swords – on an individualized path

Do:  Sun – Anticipate Joy.

Know:  10 of Cups – Happy home life

Do:  10 of Swords – worst is over, so lighten up

Know:  Strength – you have faced the shadow and over come it

Do:  Star – have hope! Be positive!

Know:  King of Pentacles – Still be cautious and conservative with money

Do: 5 of Cups – stop crying over what has past

Know:  Page of Swords – Question everything.

clarifier:  Justice – what have, what do with

clarifier:  9 of Pentacles – money-wise, to reach self-sufficiency

Do:  Hanged Man – things still to be on the uncomfortable side, look for the good, for what to carry forward; trust that help is coming

Q = 108 = 9 = Hermit, still in return from “society”

B = Heirophant = keeping faith

So overall a positive reading but also cautions that frugalness and caution need to be the rule.

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