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Daily Practices: 2/2 – 2/8

February 8, 2014

2/2:  Today was a better day.  I got to sleep in (yes!  I slept!) and got up to breakfast just coming out of the oven.  Yay Hubby!  Put laundry away and slowly assembled the food to watch the super bowl blow-out.  The wings were very yummy, the avocados for the guacamole had no flavor and the popper dip a failure.  I’m surprised, disappointed and rather embarrassed for the Broncos.  I think that was the worst game they played all year.  Poor Champ.  Of course the nay-sayers are back to saying that Peyton is washed up.  Hello, football is a TEAM sport.  Remember?  Got a prayers posted on Oaken Scrolls, one for Demeter and a harvest prayer (just working my way up the list, oldest to newest).

2/3:  Boychild doesn’t have school today.  Exercised.  Worked on his homework with him.  Started laundry.  Watched “Happy Feet 2”.  Work.   Very tired.

2/4:  Ugh getting up at 7:20 to get the boychild off to school was hard.  Hestia page is now up for NA.  Laundry.  Work.  Director asked me to do a small creative job tomorrow night and another co-worker asked me if I’d be interested in running the Facebook page and Twitter feed for work.  (Oh my…)  Twitter I’ve avoided like the plague.  Guess it is time to sign up and see how it works.  Dratted DVR…missed recording 3 of the Lost Girl episodes.  I’m able to get the latest one but out of luck on the other two as doesn’t allow you to watch episodes on their website.  😦

2/5:  Didn’t sleep well.  Feeling a bit panicky this morning…my son’s birthday is coming up and I’m not sure we have enough money for bills more less for a party and gifts… Wrote a blog post on Laverna.  Work.  Reading a review book.  Cold.  Very tired of the bloody cold.  Hell, very tired period.

2/6:  Slept…ok.  Not great, but at least I slept.  The muscles between my shoulder blades are really sore.  With my torn rotator cuffs, those muscles over compensate and it has been a busy week for me at work with shelving and other projects.  Today is my Friday… Watched some of the team figure skating event.  Got a load in the washer.  Dinner in the crockpot with Hubby’s help.  Heading to work…in the cold…[whimpers]…at least I don’t have to work IN the cold.  Read more.

2/7:  No work today.  Yay!  Boychild has a half day, conned Hubby into picking him up. Trying to finish up laundry but I keep getting distracted. Watched “The Search for Spock” at the child’s request.  Ended up having to explain what a cloaking device on the Klingon bird of prey was…by using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.  Is that reverse engineering?  My internal geek insisted that I do this.  Finished book and wrote the review.  Worked on printing out and planning decorations for boychild’s birthday party.  The fucking snow needs to go bother an area that needs it so that I can try to get my child something for his birthday!

2/8:  slept late, microwaved mug coffee cake for breakfast…almost perfect, just needs a few more tweeks.  Laundry put away.  Been helping Hubby who is having some major computer problems.  Got off the files needed, just trying to get it working now.  Meanwhile, I’ve done the backups on my own computer and ran various scans.  Helped boychild with his valentines for his class.  Dinner.  Read my son Harry Potter Book 3 Chapter 15.  Turned my computer over to my husband while he tried to fix his hard drive.   For whatever reason, he got it to work on my computer.  Since my prayers were answered by Divine Tech Support, I completed my promise to write something for them.  For whatever reason, my muse decided it had to be to the song, Ghostbusters.  Yeah, wince all you want but there is no fighting with a muse…  Not sure if this is good enough but it will do for now until I can think of something better for them.

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