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How to achieve the World path

January 27, 2014

So in the reading I did last week, one of the paths I could take was the World card.  I made a mental note to ask my guide how to achieve that path when I got the chance.  I was able to do that reading today using Steampunk tarot.

1  2  3  World  4  5  6

Know:  1-3

Do:  4-6

  1. 3 of Pentacles:  You have everything you need to achieve this goal:  logic, intuition and creativity
  2. 7 of Pentacles:  Access/Contemplate
    1. Contemplate what?  8 of Pentacles – how to improve for the sake of self-development, not to please others
  3. 7 of Swords:  Be an individual; be true to you.
  4. 2 of Wands:  Make choices based on what makes you nervous and excited, on what inspires you, on what is bold
  5. Page of Wands:  Do not be afraid to act or only act when you feel something is perfect.  The important things is doing and growing from what you learned in the doing.  Be supportive and encouraging of yourself.
  6. Temperance:  “perfection is not static…being perfect is to be in constant motion for you must adjust to the every-changing currents of life in a perpetual balancing act”; do not court confusion but choose what is perfect/right for THIS moment; right, like truth, is not black & white

q = 62 = 8 Strength

B = 9 of Wands = preparation

So this reading is another one that tells me to pay no attention to the community’s “shoulds” or “should nots”, to walk my own path, following my own inner moral compass…

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