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Relationship reading

January 23, 2014

I’ve been avoiding doing a reading for/with Isis because well…while who she is hasn’t changed my perception of her has and I have (and am) carrying a lot of emotional baggage over my misidentification.   OK time for some WOO (like doing tarot readings isn’t enough woo for most people [snort, laugh, roll eyes]…what you were expecting normal from me?!)… I’ve been having issues with my third-eye chakra…lots of pressure and such, including pulling on my crown chakra.  I’m dense (and doing a great imitation of an insomniac lately) but eventually I get the message, so I sat down and did the reading today.  (Last time I had this much problems with this chakra was after a meditation on Ma’at…)  This is a long reading using the Pearls of Wisdom tarot deck (a wonderfully colorful deck) that ended up using about 1/3 of the deck.  I don’t think I’ve had such a clear reading with this deck (Pearls of Wisdom) in a long time  Below is the details, more for me than for you, so if you would rather have the short summary:  everything is good, she isn’t upset, Zeus is good with it so I need to toss my baggage.

Relationship spread

colorful deck

colorful deck

  1. My perception of Isis:  4 of Swords – is limited; let go and search for a new perspective
  2. Her perception of me:  Emperor (Clarifier:  8 of Swords) – I am stymied by intellect (facts) and need to move to a more open/spiritual/emotional frame of mind
  3. Foundation of our relationship:  King of Cups (Clarifier:  4 of Wands) – Papa Zeus; happy cooperation, harmony, reaching out to each of us with both hands is the mental image
  4. Her role in our relationship:  10 of Wands (Clarifier:  Strength) – to be all that I need (mental image of her taking my load off my shoulders)
  5. His/Her expectations in our relationship:  Star (mental image upon looking at this card was of the crescent moon and pentacle pendent I used to wear) – give forth love and optimism, to be the light in the darkness; “the act of giving is the greatest gift”
  6. My role in our relationship:  6 of Swords:  travel with them wherever they lead; “feminine leads the way, supported by the masculine”; Trust us.
  7. My expectations of our relationship:  Ace of Swords – I’ll be battling myself for a while yet, my goal is honest and loving service
  8. Our relationship:  6 of Cups – a loving one based on a long history (I expressed my desire to know her at about the age of 5 or so)
  9. His/Her future role:  Wheel – evolving; “I bring change…put aside fear; anticipate joy.”
  10. His/Her future expectations:  9 of Pentacles – wellness and joy
  11. My future role:  4 of Pentacles (mental flash of the Star card in number 5) – hold the star (aka hope, love, optimism) close for she brings stablity
  12. My future expectations:  Temperance – blending of practices/facets of self (Greek and Egyptian, logical and spiritual, etc.)
  13. Our future relationship:  10 of Cups – happiness, harmony, familial joy
  14. Ultimate purpose of relationship:  6 of Wands – mutual support, celebration, praise
  15. Path 1:  World – Completion, joy, support, guidance
    1. How:  8 of Cups – abandon previous plans/ideas
    2. Judgement – face past conditioning
      1. Knight of Wands – no stick to it, no follow through
  16. Path 2:  7 of Wands – acclaim but alone
  17. Know this:  Ace of Cups – only the beginning; cleaning/clearing is happening now
  18. Do not do this:  Knight of Cups (Clarifiers:  Fool & 4 of Cups) – don’t be foolish/wishy washy
Q = 182 = 11 = Judgement= balancing (She is the goddess I requested to balance Zeus)
B = 9 of Cups = blessed
a lot of 4’s = stability
a lot of majors = destiny/karma/power
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  1. January 23, 2014 1:28 PM

    that all sounds positive! Excellent news 🙂


    • January 23, 2014 1:33 PM

      I thought so. I think just about every positive card in the deck ended up in this reading. 😀


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