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Reading for advice

January 16, 2014

Hubby’s grandmother finally passed on this morning.  I’m relieved for her.  The last couple years have been quite the battle for her.  Traditionally, Hellenists would cover and avoid their altars for 3-40 days (if I remember things correctly…insomnia does nasty things to the brain…).  So I decided to pull out my deck and ask for advice.

5 card draw, Steampunk Tarot, should I cover and avoid the altars/gods with this death?

Devil:  No.  Doing so would be contrary to your best interests.  Instead do this:

Ace of Wands:  Light a candle in her honor.

6 of Swords:  Move forward.

9 of Wands:  Reflect on the past, prepare for…future?  More death?

Clarifiers:  Page of Cups, King of Pentacles, Emperor – no idea what this is trying to tell me

7 of Cups:  Something about making a decision?

Clarifier:  4 of Swords – meditation or sleep?, 2 of Swords – mental conflict, spinning of wheels, Ace of Cups – choose the heart?

q = 49 = 13 = Death = “All of experience is part of you; bring all of yourself forward as you move on.”

B = 10 of Pentacles = remember, remember the good times; end of a cycle; accumulated abundance.


So no, don’t cover the altars, do light a candle in her honor, move forward with life remembering her long life with love

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