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Daily Practices: 1/5 – 11

January 11, 2014

1/5:  made banana bread from Hubby’s grandmother’s recipe for breakfast.   Housework and laundry.  Hubby and boychild brought in the outdoor decorations to defrost so that I can put them away.  Argument over Eostre in a Facebook group.  Seamstress work including putting some darts in a pair of jeans…so now I don’t need to pull up my pants every two steps.  Watched the start of the new season of Downton Abbey with friends.  The hospice we wanted for Hubby’s grandmother didn’t get picked, but we figured that would happen.  Disappointed though.

1/6:  slept very little, got boychild off to school, laundry, cleared email inbox, put away exterior decorations, minor bits of housework…just don’t have much energy.  Worked and came home and got my butt chewed for putting something with a label on it in the dishwasher.  Evidently it make a mess on everything that was plastic.  The last several days I’ve been greeting Zeus and Isis twice a day.  Once in the morning and again before bed.  Also trying to get back in the habit of refreshing the ancestors water daily.  Reading more on Isis.

1/7:  another crappy night of sleep.  Exercised.  Seamstress work. Work.  Made pizza and watched Despicable Me 2.  More reading on Isis.

1/8:  slept better but still rather tired.  Launder, finished sewing patch on son’s pants (damn pant legs are not wide enough for me to sew them on) and took a short sleeve shirt that was too warm to wear in the summer and and a too short long sleeve shirt and made them into one shirt…which I wore to work.  Found a small hole that I need to fix.  Grocery store and then home to tuck in the boy child.  Worked on my calendar but I’m not placing as much on it at the moment as usual because I’m not exactly sure which direction my practice is going.  More reading on Isis.

1/9:  more crappy sleep plus an hour early wake up call due to bed wetting…2nd accident by boy-child this month…is this normal?!  More reading on Isis (I’m trying to psych myself up to contact her in some fashion…I admit it.)  Exercise…tried a new set of videos and while the instructor is annoyingly peppy this was a needed change…I’m gonna be SO sore tomorrow.  More reading and dealing with a tired, spoiled, bratty child.  Craft night.  Hubby didn’t have any easier time with the child while I was gone.  Worked on a piece for Tiamat for the blog.

1/10:  Slept a tad bit better but still not enough.  Got boychild ready for school.  Finished blog post.  I’m really worried about Hubby.  He has been amazingly unmotivated for I don’t know how long now.  He gets up to take our son to school and more often than not goes back to bed/couch until 12-2pm.  Then he might go do something for a couple of hours.  Money is tight, squeaky tight and yet he can’t seem to pull himself out of this slump.  I don’t know if it is weather, stress, his grandmother dying or the relatively new blood pressure medication.  I’m thinking it is the latter with plenty of help from the former.  This just isn’t like him…generally he is more like the energizer bunny.  I resorted to nagging and threats to call the doctor to get him off the couch today…In other news, nasty, snowy day here…the close passes have chain restrictions. That isn’t something we see very often.  Grocery store, dinner, boy-child in bed.  It is amazing how frustrating one little boy can be…some days I feel like a mom failure.  However Hubby did dig my truck out and hopes that he did it in such away to encourage the snowplows to NOT plow me back in.  Yay for Hubby!  Too tired to stitch so I redesigned a chart instead.

1/11:  Oil pulling:  swishing with certain oils to help your teeth…for 20 minutes.  Gonna give it a shot cause my teeth need help and I can’t afford a dentist.   My cheeks hurt just thinking about it.  Poor Hubby.  Out digging out my truck.  Again.  Redesigned another chart.  Need to turn the two ornaments I stitched into actual ornaments so that I can gift them.  Planted some lettuce and kale in the garage.  Watched Hubby transplant a couple of other things.  Played a rather unique and enjoyable game with son and Hubby.  More Isis reading.  A dear friend messaged me just as I was contemplating looking for a blue lotus bowl for her altar…she has an abalone shell for me.  How’s that for timing?

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