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Daily Practices: 12/29 – 1/4

January 4, 2014

12/29:  Got up, ate breakfast and headed for home.  Home sweet home.  Put things away.  Started laundry. Bronco game.  My black cat gave me a scare as he didn’t turn up until the sun was almost down.  I had called for him repeatedly.  When he finally came in, he lectured me quite a bit.  Spent quite a bit of time scrubbing a silver plated round platter that my MIL had.  Glad to have the child home.  He’s tired and hasn’t been eating properly so we’ll have to work on getting things back to normal.  We’ve been busy and he’s recently gotten into the mode of not telling us when he is hungry…

12/30:  lack of motivation… so I finally got off my butt to exercise.  Yay me.  I did gain a bit over the last week or so, not surprisingly but I’m not gonna worry about it.  I do need to go back to a minimum of three days a week of exercise though.  Made it to the HR department and then the grocery store.  Worked on spreadsheet for work while supervising the boychild’s chore duty.  Trying to get through season 2 of Downton Abbey.  Worked.  More Downton Abbey.  One more episode to go.

12/31:  spent the majority of my day trying to get my computer back to working properly and stitching while it is doing things to try to keep me calm enough not to take a hammer to it or take my frustrations out on my son.  Watched the latest GI Joe movie with my son.  Tarot reading, followed by washing away of the old and setting my thoughts in print.  Dusted the various shrines as prep for the dark moon.

1/1:  Got up late.  Made steel cut oats for the boychild for brunch, then started our traditional bean soup for dinner.   Had a headache for most of the day so wasn’t very productive.  Did more reading on Isis and worked a little on laundry.  Realized I forgot to put black-eyed peas in the soup, so had to do the “quick” soak.  Watched a couple episodes of Agents of Shield with the boy-child.  Soup came out well though a little too spicy for the 6 year old.  Made another pecan pie, a test batch, in the new deep dish pie plate.  Due to my elevation, adjustments and readjustments have been made to the recipe.  Hopefully this time we got it right.  (First time tasted fantastic but lost a lot of filling.  Second time, didn’t get hot enough so was more custardy than carmely and a bit soupy.)  Dark moon ritual where I honored Isis.

1/2:  finished season 2 of Downton Abbey.  New moon ritual with my son.  I then took him to a friend’s while I went to work.  Hubby got up and went and laid down on the couch…he’s not feeling well.  Busy day at work.  Friend dropped boychild back home and he’s been irritating the piss out of us ever since.  Finally got him to bed.  Starting another blog, a gratefulness blog done in pictures.  Watched Downton Abbey.

1/3:  Had pie for breakfast while we watched Downton Abbey.   Started putting laundry away today.  When I handed my child some clothes to put away, he said the snottiest most spoiled thing I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth and I was furious.  “Why don’t you do something for me for a change and put it away yourself.”  I lost it.  By the time I was done telling him how wrong he was for saying that, he was in tears and owing me 20 push-ups and a written apology.  Once that was out of the way, we worked on taking down decorations.  While we ate lunch we watched another episode then we finished putting away laundry.  The next episode we watched was the one where Lady Sybil dies from toxemia/pre-eclampsia.  Right after that scene, I get a phone call that my husband’s grandmother has been taken to the hospital for convulsions.  I then had to explain to my 6 year old that his ill great grandmother was taken to the hospital and explain why.  Sigh.  Not an episode I would have allowed him watch if I had know what they were going to show or how bad the timing.  Received a lovely note from the editor for the Pagan Magazine/Pagan blog…a wee bit of a needed ego boost. My son lost a tooth earlier in the week.  We keep forgetting to put it under his pillow…well it went in tonight.  Hope I can find it!  Hubby shared with us the latest update on his grandmother as we were tucking the child into bed.  Cancer has spread they’ve found tumors in her brain so it is only a matter of time now.  My son told his father that “When I can afford it, I want to take some flowers to her grave.” My husband assured our child that we could help with that and then barely made it out of the room before he lost the battle with tears.  Sometimes our child seems to have such an old soul…  Two more episodes of Downton and I’m caught up.  Ended up doing some stitching due to Hubby’s loud conversation with his mother…no way I could go to sleep listening to that.

1/4:  Pie and apple for breakfast while we watched the second to last episode of Downton Abbey.  Finished taking down and putting away the indoor decorations.  Did a little housework afterwords…should have done more.  Oopsy.  Trying to get those “in charge” to use our choice of hospice nurse for Hubby’s grandmother.  I don’t think we are going to win though.  Damn it.  Watched the last episode of Downton Abbey and I’m quite distraught…killing off another wonderful character.  Damn it.  The writers must think they are George R. R. Martin.  Finally got a blog written for Pagan Square.

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