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Isis and Hekate

December 29, 2013
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Ever mull over something in your mind until suddenly you hear a “snick”?   It is the sound of a puzzle piece clicking into place.  For me the surfing on Isis and Isis in relation to Hekate does that.  It is like a coming home, a comfort level that Hekate never did, no matter how much I wanted and believe I really wanted it.  This has come at a time where I’ve seriously thought about making Zeus my sole focus because of my lack of progress in establishing a more intimate relationship (rather than casual, passing fancy) with Hekate.   It felt like the female divinity was her and not her…and was waiting patiently for the other shoe, or puzzle piece, to drop. The puzzle wasn’t complete without the Isis component.  I read somewhere that Hekate is Hekat (Heqat) from Egypt and that Hekat is Isis.  Like everything else related to the ancients, that is in dispute.  It makes sense to me on some level beyond scholarship.  It explains many of the things that I connect to Hekate that are not commonly connected to her…in Karia, Hekate seems to have been honored as a mother goddess.  That isn’t something that is typically associated with her…but it is with Isis.  (It is only when Hekate comes to Greece that she becomes associated with the dead, which Isis is also)  I could go on and on.  Certain things that have happened in meditations only make sense when viewed through my knowledge of Isis.  

As a child, I watched the TV show “Secrets of Isis”.  I adored the goddess then and I have a very vague memory of maybe promising to honor her when I was able.  A vow forgotten as I got older.  I used to think it was the story “Gossamer Axe” that started me on my spiritual path, but I think it was even earlier…a rather campy tv show about Isis.  After Isis, was Wonder Woman who often called upon the goddess Hera.  The book or more correctly the author’s bio, set me on the path of finding the belief system that lead me to this point.  It was the “ah ha” moment of finding out that there was people outside of books and history who honor  female divinities.  I’m hoping this is the reason that I haven’t gotten close (or as close as I feel to Zeus) with a female divinity because it was always the wrong one.

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I wonder what this branch of my path holds for me.  I’ve started down this path many times, but something always called me back.  My fears or something else, I do not know.  Yes I do.  Osiris.  So much of the common mythology of Isis is tied up with Osiris that it always repelled me.  I am drawn to her but not to Osiris…Zeus is associated with Serapis so I will need to do some reading on that.  The worship of Serapis has always seemed like a political maneuver that attempted to unite the Greeks and Egyptians under a common spiritual practice.  I do not know how to go about this.  I’m not even exactly positive this is the correct direction but it feels right/good/nervous/exciting…it is a nudge to go this way.  The worship of Isis has changed over the years, many times I would think. Heck, many times in Egypt alone, more less Greece/Rome and wherever else her worship has gone.  I need to figure out the how and the what for here and now…

Any of this make sense?  My mind is leaping here and there with directions to go in my studies…it feels like a child in a bouncy room.

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  1. December 30, 2013 5:08 AM

    Oh I do hope you have found the other side of the coin so to speak!


  2. juliaergane permalink
    December 30, 2013 2:56 PM

    Please don’t try to meld the pantheons! Even though the ancients did try to do that, they were wrong to do so. It leads to a very nasty slippery slope. I will not expect you to totally trust me or believe me– but, I am a hereditary “oracle” of some sort through my Mother’s line. Aset, if it is indeed she, will do whatever “arranging” needs to happen. Trust the Gods. Personally, I never felt the neo-pagan need to have “pairs” of patrons as it were. I feel all of Them and have never had a compulsion to choose. However, Aset is NOT Hera OR Aphrodite OR ANY other Goddess.


    • December 30, 2013 4:25 PM

      I can’t say how shocked I am to receive a comment of this nature. Madam, if Lady Isis calls to me, I cannot and will not deny her. Being that our world is much bigger than the ancients and my belief that as we have grown and change, so do the gods, I’m pretty sure that if Zeus has a problem with Isis or she with him, It is rare that I would honor them together any how. I will be told and something else will be worked out. However I think such petty trifles are more due to man than due to the Gods. I’m not a reconstructionist but neither am a fluff bunny. Please give me some credit.


      • juliaergane permalink
        January 1, 2014 1:12 PM

        I am sorry; but, I think you misread my post. I probably also misread yours as well. I did not say that Zeus would have any problems with Aset. It seemed to me that you were getting caught up in things. I’ve just been so open recently that I think we are having tea and conversing, leaving half the words out because they are assumed. I am sorry for the mistake, I thought you were asking for some suggestions.


        • January 1, 2014 1:44 PM

          If I misinterpreted I apologize. I’m always open to helpful suggestions, but telling me not to mix pantheons sounds to me like you are telling me to ignore Isis when actually I’ve been honoring her for quite sometime without being aware exactly WHO she was…I thought she was Hekate (as honored in Karia) but more and more that seemed like only a partial or incomplete identification. This is more of a clearing of muddy waters than anything.


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