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Daily Practices: 12/22 – 12/28

December 28, 2013

12/22:  I watched Bronco game…it was an 11am game.  I made my great-grandmother’s recipe for butterballs for my dad…gave the very first one as an offering to the ancestors for today is their day in my celebration of Heliogenna.  With Hubby’s help, I made my pecan pie.  Had a bit more luck in keeping it from boiling over but that meant repeatedly turning down the heat (heated the oven to 450 and when adding the pie turned it down to 300 then to 275…I’m not sure if it got turned down again from there.  The hazards of baking something sugary at high elevation), opening the oven door and taking much longer.  Doesn’t look pretty but I think it will taste good.  Worked on laundry and stitching and wrapping and Santa duties and packing.

12/23:  Mine blown this morning…saw a depiction of Isis with the body of a snake.  I’ve seen here with wings but never a snake body.  The goddess I honor whose “true” identity I’ve been seeking has been shown to me with wings and a snake body.  I was reminded of a show I watched as a child who “became” Isis to help others in need.  I loved that show and remember wanting Isis in my life…I may have even vowed to honor her…  Raised in the Roman Catholic belief system, I had forgotten about this until much older but never did anything about it.  Now I’m wondering if it is Isis who I’ve been honoring as she encompasses everything that I associate with “my” goddess.  Much mulling and such needed.  I’ve also informally asked for signs that I can NOT misinterpret.  No more time for research this morning as I must get things done to prep for our extended trip out of town….Laundry put away and 2 of 3 people packed.  Movie with the boychild and then work.  Tired.  Gonna relax with a book…ended up putting down the fictional book and worked on researching Isis.  Blurry-eyed.  My bed calls.

12/24:  Finished packing and getting the house ready.  As soon as Hubby got home from work, we loaded and left at 1:30pm.  Finally pulled into my mom’s…6 hours later.  Should have been a 2-3 hour drive.  Chatted with my parents’ friends, my sister and her kids.  Gifts.  Santa then bed.

12/25:  woke up surprised no one has come woke us up.  Got up to have my sister tell me that my son has puked twice…and no one thought to tell us.  Ends up he was having allergy issues and was spitting up mucus.  Got him an allergy pill and food in his belly.  He was fine once his tummy settled back down.  Everyone else went to church.  We got ready and went to Hubby’s aunt’s to spend the day with his grandmother who is having serious health issues.  Came home watched a movie and stitched.

12/26:  rough day mood wise…Hubby pissed me off early in the day.  He says he didn’t mean things the way I took it…but he did say something interesting.  He said that my little sister woke up in a bad mood and seem to have mom and I snipping at each other and her.  It is like her bad mood spread…which makes me wonder if it is empathic abilities or if my sister has the ability to project.  Most likely the former but it is interesting.  Any way took gifts back that I didn’t like but didn’t have much time to shop by the time my sister was done (while Hubby watched the kids).  Ah well she leaves tomorrow.  Had dinner with the family, packed up and went to my inlaws’.  Hubby also said that the boychild and his cousins don’t behave well together. He is reluctant to get them together again unless they start behaving better, which they had to have done fairly bad for Hubby to get this irritable.  Got a call from work today…I forgot to sign my time sheet so I’ll have to go in on Monday to sign them at the personnel department. MIL decided tonight would be a good time to have the discussion on what happened in September…I ended up beyond upset, feeling cornered and attacked by both Hubby and his mom.  Went to bed in tears.

12/27:  The three of us met my OSO for brunch where we swapped gifts.  I got a holly fairy and a softback of the Orphic hymns.  Yay! Afterwards we took the boychild to spend his gift cards.  Took him back to the house and then went and ran our post holiday errands.  Couldn’t find any nice short sleeve shirts for work so I bought some jeans and some earrings for my second holes.  Tired kitty.

12/28:  Went to some thrift stores today to try to find some short sleeve shirts.  Not much luck.  Spent the afternoon at a friend’s playing wii.  My shoulder is NOT thanking me.  🙂  Packing and reading.  Packing ’cause we head home tomorrow morning before the game.  (Was supposed to head home today but my FIL worked yesterday so we are staying an extra day so that the boychild gets time with him.)  Reading, cause I got a ILL book to return…

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