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Daily Practices: 12/15 – 12/21

December 21, 2013

12/15:  got up,showered, ate and then left to go finish my shopping.  Got home in time for Hubby’s beef and homemade noodles for dinner.  Then helped Hubby finish cutting up and packaging his deer.

12/16:  laundry started, wrapping started.  Read a bit before going in for some extra hours at work.  I’ve got three books on my desk, thanks to the library, and they are dying to be read… Put in a couple of extra hours at work, picked up the boychild, ate and went back to work.  Stitched while finishing Season 1 of Downton Abbey.

12/17:  So very tired as I got very little sleep last night. Wrapped, exercised (grumbling and whining the whole time but I did it), laundry, re-“dressed” the altar for Heliogenna, work (where I asked for permission of the Grand boss to do a monthly/weekly theme session with the adult books similar to what I do for the children’s books…she thought it was a great idea), helped my son weed out some of his books, short ritual to open Heliogenna and to honor the Protogenoi.

12/18:  didn’t sleep much if any.  Very tired today so no going in for extra hours.  Got the prayer for day 2 of Heliogenna prepped but feel so crappy I don’t know that I’ll get it done. Stitched while watching Downton Abbey…need to get this done before Friday so that I can sew it up before Saturday.  Showered and couldn’t keep my eyes open.   Set the timer on my watch for an hour, fell asleep and woke up 70 minutes later…took me 10 minutes to hear the timer so was a bit late picking up my son.  Ran to the grocery store and then home to get ready for work.  Didn’t really feel up to it but went in any way.  Started feeling better about the time the sun was finally out of the sky…typical night person.  Came home prepped a craft project for the boychild’s school party tomorrow.  Next up is the flavored oyster crackers, stitching and then bed…Wait, prayer then bed.

12/19:  slept a tad better…not the best but better than none at all.  Need to exercise but I’m just not up to it.  Party at school today…my son had a melt down when I wouldn’t let him wear his new clothes and vest.  Got a compromise worked out.  Is it bad that a 6 year old is wanting to dress up for a party or is it typical?  Lack of child experience here leaves me floundering.  Dishes after getting the boychild’s lunch made.  Prayer done, stitched while watching more Downton…close to finishing, packaged up the crackers.  Need to start eating better.  I realized about 11:30 that  I hadn’t had anything to eat today except my half cup of cafe mocha which was starting to cause the shakes.  Lack of sleep is making me stupid.  Probably part of the problem yesterday too.  When I get this tired food just isn’t appealing…well unless it is something sweet, chocolaty and easily accessible. School party, craft night.  Finished wrapping while watching NBC’s Sound of Music.  Horrible, horrible movie, bad acting, new songs suck…just terrible.  Prayer and crash…first person who wakes me up tomorrow may die a nasty death.  Oh I got the boychild’s ornament finished.

12/20:  so my original plan was to do nothing but clean house, put away laundry, read and finish up a few projects here and there.  Then my mom called to say that my sister is coming home for Christmas after all.  So I called my sister and found out that I needed to shop for her family after all (since she hasn’t done it and is quickly running out of time).  Then Hubby asked me to come have lunch with him and the boychild who were going skiing (one of the nice things about having a ski slope 15 minutes away).  So I finished my book, had lunch with them and went shopping.  Came home and made a bracelet to go with the gift I got my sister.  All that is left is something for my nephew.  Did the first half of my solstice ritual, went out to dinner, came home to have my child who is tired and acting out, purposely walk over to the main altar and blow out my solstice candle…the one I lit as an offering for Demeter and Helios…the beacon with which I light their way from Haides’ realm…and the snot blew it out.  I lost my cookies (or shit for the adults).  I was so angry and offended (shocked too) that I probably over reacted.  In the morning I will ask him why, but at that point I just wanted him to go to bed.  I re-lit the candle but still feel really upset, I’m not even sure I can explain why…  Helped hubby make cinnamon rolls for the morning.  Turned stitching into an ornament…and wishing I had managed to at least run the vacuum today.  Straightened up the house some.

12/21:  Boychild claims he blew it out for “safety”.  I let it go, he knows better than to do it without asking me.  Second half of Solstice ritual with my son.  Had friends come over for cinnamon rolls.  Can’t think of a better way to start our holiday season.  After they left, we opened gifts.  Hubby got me a sweater.  This is a big deal as he NEVER buys me clothes.  He and the boychild got me several pandora beads:  a limited edition moose bead for the time we saw moose together, a polar bear bead with snowflake to represent Hubby and a turtle bead for the boychild (cause Hubby forgot that I already had one…this will be swapped for a ladybug bead).  I got Hubby a scope (though I find out that the scope I got him was one he wanted for the boychild’s gun so I’m not exactly happy about that…sigh, I did try.  I’m more upset about it than he is)…he told me if I keep buying him hunting stuff, he’ll keep buying me clothes.  🙂  Boychild tackled me both times he unwrapped books.  Rolled his eyes at the clothes and then dove into the Lego set as soon as clean up was finished.  Completely forgot about the movie he wanted to watch…  Starting to get things lined up to get my baking done.  Also planning things for tomorrow’s football game.  Kitting up several ornaments for me to take down to Denver, so I have something to do with my hands.  Made fudge. Stitched.

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