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Daily Practices: 12/8 – 12/14

December 14, 2013

12/8:  Exercised.  Met friends for breakfast and picked up my “new” stitching stand from them.  Sent some time with my parents…not long enough but there just isn’t enough time in the weekend to get everything we need and want to do done.  Hair cut.  Dinner.  Loaded up and headed for home.  My son was only 45 minutes late for bed.  Unpacked and such.  Currently have a kitty curled up against my belly.  I think I was missed. Today I’m thankful for an understanding mom and a good haircut.

12/9:  Got the yearly calendar designed.  Laundry started.  Stepped on the scale and decided exercise was the order of the day.  Got part way through my work out and wanted to stop.  Powered through muttering this is for Ares…a lot.  Very cold day.  Having a hard time staying warm so I plugged in a tiny heater under my desk.  Warmer.  Addressed some cards, did some stitching.  Went to work where I got hauled into a meeting  over [deleted ’cause I like my job]…over miscommunications and instead of facing me at the time of the occurrences, she saved them up for today and went to the director.  I’m hurt, angry, embarrassed… This has me doubting everything, everything about the job, the people and how I can/should act.  The director did say that I performed my job well…but…if I have to examine everything little thing I say and do, I’ll go nuts.  Rather upset.  Came home and ranted a bit then went and hid in a book.  Today I’m thankful for…the woman I work evenings with for helping me through my initial upset.

12/10:  Not looking forward to work today.   Not sure whether I should apologize or act as if nothing had happened.  My angry husband says the latter and includes in documenting any continued behaviors from her (and one other, maybe two) so that I can take them to the county officials (one in particular since Hubby built the guy’s house…) to point out the personnel problems may be a big reason for the high turnover.  (Not sure that is the case but Hubby’s views on the situation.)  His anger and defense make me feel a tad bit better.  Really without changing who I am, I’m not sure how this could have been avoided, hence my muddled feelings on the situation.  While I can stop the teasing, I can’t change the way she hears or interprets what I say.  The only way I can think to deal with it is to be as  polite as possible with this woman and avoid any social interaction which will be difficult since her desk practically takes up one wall of the common room…   Had recess duty at my son’s school then I went in and I apologized for 2 reasons:  to let her know that I was not intimidated by her actions and because if she had said something right away I would have apologized immediately then gave an explanation.  Doesn’t really matter what she said as I do not trust her now.  Work went just fine though. Decorated the tree with only minimal help from the boy-child this year.  Then he pitched a fit when he had to go to bed ’cause he wanted to finish decorating the tree.  Really?  He was warned repeatedly and chose to play around instead.  No sympathy.  Stitched more on his ornament before bed while listening to Emma Approved on Youtube.

12/11:  Balance checkbook and bills paid.  Holiday cards addressed.  More holiday cards assembled.  Sewed a patch on a pair of the boychild’s pants.  Laundry finished (though not put away).  Started a book on Solstice celebrations.  Blog entry started. Grocery shopping.  Work.  I get a raise at the beginning of the year and with the holidays will be missing out on 4 days of work so means some short checks.  Oh well.  Came home to a very irritable hubby who I had to ask questions of which only irritated him more.  Sigh.  They got some of the exterior lights up while I was gone.  The thought of throwing something breakable at Hubby is very tempting.  Looks like this is gonna be another Solstice where I have little to nothing under the tree because he can’t plan gifts in advance for one person while I manage to  get something for everyone else.  Joy.  Dishwasher.  Stitch stand.  Work shoes.  Repeat until thankfulness is achieved.  Stitched while continuing to watch season 1 of Downton Abbey. A long talk with Hubby over what is going on with him.  Not going to Denver this weekend which means I’m missing 2 parties, an afternoon with my mother and an easy time of getting my shopping finished.  Joy.  

12/12:  sent money to my sister for gifts to save shipping costs.  Laundry put away.  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pie for the potluck tonight.  Blog written. More cards made and addressed.  Meanwhile Hubby called me repeatedly from various stores 30 minutes away.  Asking about stocking stuffers and other things we need around the house, so he finally took the time and effort to get some shopping done.  Really you don’t know how amazing that is…   Holiday program at the boychild’s school.  Home to watch the Broncos self-destruct.  Then Hubby talked me into going outside in 16 degree (and falling) weather to work more on the outside lights.  I’m thankful that we are now the proud owners of a boot/glove dryer as the boychild is constantly getting snow into his gloves (which due to the water proof exterior take forever to dry). However no stitching got done today.

12/13:  Started the day out stitching.  Exercised…that is my 3 promised workouts for the week.  Been a long time since I kept that promise.  [hangs head] I did some straightening and ran the vacuum.  With all the boxes and crafts, my house looked like Christmas had exploded in it.  Stitched.  Read.  Fought with my child…that’s way too regular an occurrence.

12/14:  slept in, brunch, found a gift to my mom down in town, finished making out my holiday cards, worked on snowman handprint votives, and watched Sound of Music the original with my son (started with the new one but didn’t get far into it before we decided to do the old one instead).  Dinner time intermission.  Finished the movie.   Bits of it are over his head but he enjoyed the music.  He said during intermission that he couldn’t get the songs out of his head and he felt like dancing.  🙂  Finished the snowman handprint votives.

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  1. December 14, 2013 11:51 PM

    I forgot to mention the thank you gift I got at my son’s holiday program for all the volunteering I do there…Next up, to finish planning the Holiday party.


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