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Daily Practices: 12/1 – 12/7

December 7, 2013

12/1:  slept in, started laundry, boy-child driving me crazy, watched Bronco game, Hubby’s grandmother (who has stopped chemo treatments for her ovarian cancer) has taken a slight turn for the worse and his grandfather (who is in the early stages of dementia/Alzheimers) is not taking it well at all which had Hubby rather upset, cheered Hubby up by getting him to watch Rock of Ages movie which had us singing, laughing, groaning and wondering why no one was wearing spandex.  (You know if Cruise couldn’t pull off Lestat, what made anyone think he could do a rock star?).  I’m thankful I was able to cheer up Hubby.

12/2:  exercise, stitch, laundry, work for a couple of hours then go back for my regular shift, finished the ornament.  Tired.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a little extra money.

12/3:  Slept badly, dreamed a phoenix was trying to get out of my body.  Yeah the hot flashes have suddenly gotten worse.  Missed the dark moon last night.  Did a reading to find out how to make up for it (Opportunity to do something loving, be still and then do!), so meditated, a sincere effort to let go of some of my anger and worry. Noumenia ritual.  Finished laundry.  Found a cross-stitch chart for a friend.  Glared at the snow and cold temps.  Work.  Hubby brought home a tree from his travels during the day.  Set it in the stand after dinner.

12 /4:  Slept badly again.  Think I may need to increase my nightly dose of cohosh.  Very cold and snowy.  Don’t want to go anywhere but I went into work early again.  Picked up the boychild, ate and went back to work.  Between the cold, my child, the extra hours I’ve been putting in and my long to do  list, I didn’t want to go in…  Grocery store before home.  Very, very tired.  Exta dose cohosh.  Redesigned my son’s Solstice ornament.  Hope to start on it tomorrow night.

12/5:  made cheese cake sugar cookie bars for work’s holiday luncheon tomorrow.  Picked out floss and fabric for son’s ornament.  Put away laundry. Candle lit for Zeus.  Work.  Dinner and then craft night.  Tuck the boy-child in then over to a friend’s to watch the first 2 episodes of Downton Abby.

12/6:  My parents’ wedding anniversary.  Work by 9 to decorate.  Christmas luncheon at 11-ish. (Belly ache from seaweed wrap I think, though the cheesecake sugar cookie bars were good.)  Home to pack for Denver.  Picked up boychild and drove to Denver.  Had a long talk, again, with my son over expectations while at his grandmother’s.  So far so good.  Hubby left to go deer hunting.  Hope to find him some gifts this weekend.

12/7:  Rough early morning…my FIL’s alarm went off at 5 so I had a heck of a time falling back to sleep.  My son never went back to sleep.  We went shopping after breakfast, first stop was Cabela’s.  Got some gifts for my husband and got to see Santa while we were there.  That was great luck as that was next on our list of things to do.  Had lunch and then got my son a desperately needed hair cut.  Stopped quickly at Home Depot and Hobby Lobby where I got some craft bits.  Dropped them off at the house and then I went to try to find shoes for work and Santa gifts.  No luck on the gifts.   I did find some jeans for the boy though. I drove my MIL’s vehicle which I really liked…a 2010 explorer.  Dinner was Chubby’s.  Yum but damn that chili was hot tonight!  Really overate food today.  Need to get up early enough tomorrow to get some sort of workout in.  The time at my MILs has gone a LOT better than I expected.  No arguments or even comments over regular bedtime, food, food restrictions, etc.  My son has also behaved very well.  I’m very happy with how this weekend has gone.  I got the most wonderful private message, from a wonderful lady and blog stalker.  Thank you so much D, for the message you made my day, my week and maybe even my month.  I look forward to growing our friendship!

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