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Daily Practices: 11/24 – 11/30

November 30, 2013

I’ve been having a real difficult time convincing myself to do something “regular” to honor the Kindreds on a daily basis.  So lately this has been more a journal of my existence than spiritual practices and for that I apologize.  It is where I’m at right now.  I’m hoping by the Solstice things will change…maybe this in between time is meant for just being and appreciating in an informal way.  I don’t know.  Even my evening prayers have been spotty though I do (this sounds a bit hokey) love bursts where I imagine the love I feel shooting from my heart chakrah out to the Kindreds.  <sigh> not enough, never enough…

11/24:  rough day:  coming to terms with some of the changes to my body due to the start of “cronehood” hasn’t been pretty and today it came to a head; dishwasher died…before Thanksgiving…the only thing I hate more than washing dishes by hand would be mopping; my son has 2 pairs of jeans with no holes and I’ve get to find a practical and easy way to fix them that will actually last; and the Broncos loss due to stupid mistakes just exacerbates everything else (which is stupid of me but there you go).  Up late, emotional shit, pastry for breakfast, started laundry, was on my own for the afternoon so I did some crafts, new recipe for dinner, Bronco game and more emotional shit.

11/25:  Slept very poorly, finished up yesterday’s ornaments, laundry, read a little, listened to music, tried to find things to lighten my mood, got my sister’s birthday gift together, work, come home to find Hubby looking at dishwashers online.  That was quick.  I figured he would hold out until at least Friday.  Hopefully the local store will have the machine we want before Thursday.

11/26:  Well couldn’t get the machine that we wanted unless we wait 3 weeks or so.  Picked out a less expensive one but will have to pick it up and install it ourselves since delivery is also 3 or so weeks out.  Hopefully this machine is more durable and operates better than the last 2-3.  Exercised.  Make the requested cole slaw to go with Hubby’s fried chicken for dinner tonight.  Post office to main my sister’s gift then work.  Came home to Hubby making fried chicken…which ended up taking a lot longer than we both expected but it sure was good.  Talked about Thursday’s menu…sorely tempted to make 2 pies as I really want a pecan pie…but I’m the only one.  Read.

11/27:  slept in.  Grocery store.  Vacuumed. Gave away my son’s play kitchen.  I tried to sell it so that I could put money in his savings account but no one wanted to buy it.  Hubby got grumpy and told me to just get rid of it.  A woman at work has a young daughter so I gave it to her.  She probably would have paid me something for it but I wasn’t sure if she could actually afford it.  Worked.  Came home to Hubby installing the dishwasher.  By the time he was done, I had lost the desire to make pies.  Maybe in the morning.

11/28:  Hubby woke me up at 8 so that we could start the pies.  Pie dough recipe should have been make last night…dough is too tender.  Pecan pie first…overflowed in the oven, filling tastes like carmel.  Luckily there was foil in the bottom so clean up was easy.  Hubby even replaced the foil…which was good because the apple cranberry crumb pie also overflowed.  FMW.  Though the recipe for the second by was lousy… good idea, lousy execution.  Next up was roasting garlic for the roasted garlic dip.  Then made up the stuffing and stuffed the turkey.  We cook the turkey for the first part of the time in the microwave.  It is quicker and the meat stays moister this way. Next was the relish tray.  Once it was time to transfer the turkey to the oven, we started the garlic mashed potatoes and the cranberry sauce.  The pecan pie was the best I’ve ever had.  So yummy I had two pieces…my son will be furious when he notices…  Lit a beeswax tealight for Papa Zeus…sending my love and my thanks…

11/29:  Breakfast was the 2nd pie which was disappointingly bland…when it boiled over it must have taken all the flavor with it.  Put away laundry.  Stitched…got to get the ornament done ASAP.  Ironed then hand-sewed a patch onto a pair of the boy-child’s jeans; prepped a second pair.  Watched Ironman 3 with the family.  So the dishwasher that I was a bit worried about, it appears to have been a great choice.  Honor to Hermes and Hephaistos for lucky purchase and the great machinery, long may it run trouble free.  Water for the Ancestors.

11/30:  Wrote blog on Perkunas. Found myself saying “I honor  ____” as I showered today, naming the deities who touch my life so very often.  Stitching.  Picked up a gift for the holiday party at work.  Talked with a new shop owner in town who may do my framing for me.  BA Board meeting where I threw out an idea that I need to explore now and did the meeting minutes.  Sent in a submission to the Muse devotional.  Water for the Ancestors.

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