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Thankful Day 28: Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013

I’m thankful for the Kindreds and their presence in my life (that was actually my first thought this morning).

I’m thankful that my husband likes to cook AND he helps with clean up.  It makes cooking holiday meals a fun, stress-less time.  I love how different my household is on holidays compared to my parents’ where at some point they always end up yelling at each other…and your never quite sure what/when you will accidentally piss off the “head” of the house.  Mom always had great food on the table but there was always a certain amount of stress.  I love my dad but he isn’t the easiest man… My household holidays are filled with good food and laughter.  If something doesn’t work out right, “not a big deal”.  I miss spending time with extended family, but I’m so thankful to be at home.

Although…we did use the 1936 china…that despite repeated warnings to be careful, my son chipped a piece.  I wasn’t angry but I was disappointed.  I’m thankful that it is only chipped.  It would be nice if I could replace it…

Haven’t had pies yet.   Can’t wait to try my pecan pie.  First time I’ve made one and it over flowed.  I’m thankful that there was foil in the bottom of the oven.  I’m hoping if I reduce the temperature it won’t over flow next time.

I’m thankful for the new dishwasher.  Not crazy about the set up of the baskets but I’m glad to have it ’cause we went through a LOT of dishes today.

Our thanksgiving table (minus silverware and napkins).  Hope your day was as blessed as ours.

Our thanksgiving table (minus silverware and napkins). Hope your day was as blessed as ours.


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