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Nail polish ornaments

November 25, 2013

So following the directions from HERE, I made some ornaments and used up some of my much neglected fingernail polish.

Fingernail polish ornaments

Fingernail polish ornaments

It was rather fun…and a bit messy.  Some pointers (in random order) if you try this.

  1. Use a bowl out of the recycling bin, because it will be trashed by the time you are done.  I used a cleaned plastic fresh mushroom package.
  2. The nail polish dries on the water rather fast. So be quick but don’t panic.
  3. If an ornament doesn’t look great the first time, don’t be afraid to re-dip it once it dries a little.  I had to re-dip several of mine.
  4. Add the lighter colored polish first, then the darker.  Otherwise you may not see much of the light colored polish.
  5. Toothpicks are useful for lightly mixing the colors.
  6. Don’t use more than 3 colors or it may get muddy looking.
  7. Between ornaments, there is no need to empty the water every time.  Use a section of a paper towel to adsorb the remaining polish from the previous dipping.
  8. You WILL get polish on your hands.
  9. an egg carton would be really handy for drying the ornaments upon.  I don’t have any on hand so they had to go back into the ornament plastic carton which caused some minor issues with appearance.
  10. glitter polish does not seem to work as well as those without glitter
  11. Most instructions I found use clear glass ornaments.  It seemed to have worked just fine with the gold ones (found in a clearance bin for $1/each).
  12. If you are picky about having a level/even line/symetrical stop point on the ornament, I suggest you take the time to put painter’s tape around the ornament.  This will give you a nice clean finish line.
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