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Daily Practices: 11/17 – 11/23

November 23, 2013

11/17:  tried to sleep in after a night of very little sleep…the winds whipping around our house woke me up repeatedly they were so loud.  Got woke up by a snow blower.  Brunch, grocery shopping, pizza for dinner and Bronco game.

11/18:  danced for exercise; worked on decorating the simple holiday cards; went to work; finished my book

11/19:  slept badly; little bit of stitching; work; parent/teacher conference…boy child is doing well academically but has some issues in focus, listening and doing, attitude and dealing with another child…head/desk, not sure how to help him fix things; finished graphic novel Coraline;  got the unenviable job of telling someone that their long distant other appears to not be sticking to their housing agreement; tried to help Hubby through a drafting program…just not enough hours in the day

11/20:  Motivation was lacking today.  I did exercise and get laundry put away though.  The rest of my free time was spent reading (rather appropriate for Hermesday though).  Went to work.  One of the interesting things about working at a library is that we get all types of people there.  Including the not so mentally-stable people.  A couple of incidents recently as the lovely, but overly nervous, ladies that I work with in a tizzy.  It doesn’t bother me much.  I just do the best I can for them even if they are cussing me out and move on.  I have never felt nervous or threatened by any of them.  I was more nervous about the strange Middle Eastern guy working on the computer writing about terrorism and our town, money requests and legal documents…  Lost my temper with the boy child, he willfully defied me and expected me to just shrug it off…he learned better.  Need to really get moving on gifts…especially my sister but I have no clue what to get her!

11/21:  wasted a lot of time rearranging my Pinterest Boards…but I can find things now.  Still haven’t made any gift decisions.  Finished the blog post for Under the Oak, this one is on Belbog and Chernobog.  Stitched some more at craft night…really need to get this ornament finished.  Had to take the boychild ’cause Hubby worked late.

11/22:  boychild had a half a day, so I picked him up at 11:30ish, came home ate some lunch and then headed out to help set up for the craft fair.  I was there from about 1pm to about 6.  Didn’t sell much while I was there, luckily I took my stitching so I had something to do.  I did find a birthday gift for my sister while I was there, so that’s a win.  Cohosh finally arrived which is good because I took my last one yesterday.  Found a stitching stand at a price I can afford.  Less than half the original price and it includes all the accessories.  I can’t even get a stand like that for the original price, more less the accessories.  I’m beyond thrilled.

11/23:  slept in, made steel-cut oatmeal at the boychild’s request while he shoveled the walks.  Gotta love a child who wants to shovel snow.  Ended up that the neighbor’s grandchildren are up visiting, so he spent most of the day playing with them.  I did a little of this and a little of that plus worked on my sewing pile.  Then went and helped tear down the craft booth.  Not many of the ornaments sold…but of course all the ones I would have liked to gift had.  Came home and made green chili for dinner.  Made up the thank you card and wrote the check for my stitching stand, worked on my check book and started on the next item in my sewing pile.

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