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Thankful Day 22

November 22, 2013

So much to be thankful for today…Hubby finally poured that damn foundation that has taken forever.  Heck, he even got it poured in a snow storm.  The concrete truck drivers and pump truck driver have decided that he is crazy…but it isn’t like weather is going to get any better.  Hopefully this also means that money will not be so tight around here any more.  It will be nice to not worry so much every time I pull out my billfold.

I had a great day, for the most part, with my son.  He had a half day today, then we went to set up and work the craft fundraiser for his school.  He was well behaved.  Heck for a while we cuddled and sang together.  For the most part I don’t look back and wish him to be younger.  There is no point in it.  I enjoy, more often than not, who he is now.  He when he was younger, there were other types of issues that I disliked so it probably will always be that way…  Any way, I was reminded during our time together, that he’s getting so big.  He’s not my little boy any more.  He isn’t a big boy either but that difficult in between stage.  I hope he never gets too old to cuddle and sing, unconsciously, with his mother.  I hope we instill him with enough self-confidence that he will always, no matter whether we are at home or in a rented hall surrounded by others, cuddle and sing Christmas carols to while away the boredom.

I finally found a stitching stand for a great price.  It is an old one that is no longer made.  It belonged to the estate of an avid stitcher.  A stand that was $200 when purchases, I’m getting it for $70…and it looks to be in great shape and has all the accessories.  You can’t even get a good stand for $200, more less the accessories too.  I’m so excited.  Praise the gods of home and craft!

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