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Just Listen

November 18, 2013

So last night as I sat in bed, I prayed to my lady for assistance in helping my son through his current, very frustrating for us, stage of not listening.  He is not listening, not doing as he is told, etc.  Threaded through that was the heart anguish of not knowing what to do for her on this full moon night that would be meaningful for both of us.

“…and please help me to help my son, he is so frustrating for us right now.  I understand that part of it is just the latest phase in his growth and development.  Part of it is him wanting to participate so hard in “adult” conversations, that he doesn’t listen well enough to participate in a sensible fashion and…”


“exactly he needs to learn to listen, for listening will help him make friends, with school, with…”


“everything beings with listening!”


“but how do I teach him to do this?”


“We aren’t talking about him are we?”

!!!!!!!!!”  (Definitely felt like the same frustration towards me as I feel towards my son…)

So yeah, I have listening issues too, obviously.  Apple doesn’t fall far, eh?

As I chatter in life, so I chatter in my head.   Silent spiritual listening doesn’t happen often as I just don’t know how to stop the mental noise.  I tend to wonder if anyone is listening or are they listening to me as I try to listen to them or if I’m dong it right or what to make for dinner or if this is good enough for “them” or why this or need to do that or…

Guess I need to learn, eh?  In doing so, maybe I can teach my son to just listen.

I fell asleep trying to listen.

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