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Daily Practices: 11/10 – 11/16

November 17, 2013

I’ve spent time this week talking to the gods.  Is this sufficient?  I don’t know, but it is where I’m at right now.  I think of Hermes when I write or when I read, or when I get a particularly good buy or find change on the ground.  I think of Zeus often throughout the day.  I send my love often.  Hestia when I clean and do laundry.  My lady was in my thoughts as I read the Persephone book.  I greet my guides every morning and evening.  Prayers happen before bed.  My ancestors dance through my thoughts depending on what I’m doing, like my grandmother when I sew.  Part of me screams that it isn’t enough but then nothing I do would ever be enough.  Part of me says to quit talking at/about myself as it makes me look crazy….

11/10:  helped my son with his homework, changed sheets on the bed and put laundry away.  Watched the Bronco game.  Crab au Gratin for dinner.  Finally watched Breaking Dawn part 2.  Yay for a library that allows you to check out DVDs.  Been spending a lot of time on Pinterest searching for gift tutorials…

11/11:  Hung the US flag on the front of our house.  Made a new recipe of French toast that gave me a hellish belly ache.  Worked on the checkbook and bills while my son finished his homework.  Took him to the local cemetery so that we could libate our military dead.  We then walked around a little before the chill drove us home.  Finally sat down to watch Harry Potter #2 with the boychild (currently reading Harry Potter #3 to him).  Stitched.  Belly only started feeling better after eating ice cream after dinner.  Not sure why that is, but I’ll take it.

11/12:  exercised, worked on an article for Pagan Square blog, went to work (busy day), dinner, thud.

11/13:  started laundry; worked on article; worked on meeting minutes; read a short story so that I could review it for a friend; got dinner in the crock pot; worked; read

11/14: haven’t slept well the last couple nights…my insomnia may be back; finished article and posted it, shorter than I would like but there you go; read; craft night at the local pottery shop; posted promised reviews.  Found a nifty Lego set for the boy and a space book he should be able to read.  His Solstice is about half way done.

11/15:  slept better.  Exercised.  Bills.  Picked ups some cheap ornaments to decorate and some notecards to turn into holiday cards.  Laundry. Worked on glitter ornaments to donate to my son’s school’s craft booth…there is glitter everywhere…and I made sure to get some in Hubby’s beard.  Because I can.  Because he won’t shave it. And because it makes me giggle.  Good thing he’s tolerant.  Though he got me back with foam bits from the foundation he’s working upon.  Started a new book that takes place during the Civil War.  It is a fictional about a real female spy who was inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame in the 1990s.

11/16:  Slept in.  Expected to have to entertain the boychild today but Hubby took him to work instead.  So I finished up laundry and the glitter ornaments, read a little and finished sewing my clam shell quilt pillows.  Will post a picture tomorrow, once I can take a picture of them in natural light.  Read the boy child two more chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Made a “mug” brownie ’cause I dare not make a whole batch… Read.

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