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Thankful Day 9

November 9, 2013

Today I’m thankful for being healthy.  My bout of food poisoning has had very few long term effects.  So was able to a fair amount of stuff done today.  I’m thankful for being mobile and healthy every day.  Sure I have my issues like shoulders and a cranky lower back from time to time but I’m doing pretty well compared to many others.  Heck the other day, I had to argue with someone who didn’t believe I was 42.  She figured I was about 10 years younger.  I’ve also been losing weight.  I’m about 13 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight.  That isn’t much but every bit counts.  A pair of pants that I got last year are big enough in the waist now, that I’m going to have to figure out how to put darts in them.  Hot flashes are still a bit much but since I’ve been on the black cohosh, they are not as frequent.  Night “sweats” are down to 3 or less a night which is great.  Not sure why women are known as the weaker sex…sheesh.  This change of life thing sucks.  Any way, I’m thankful for being healthy.

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