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Daily Journal: 11/3 – 11/9

November 9, 2013

11/3:  Made apple juice muffins.  Redesigned a cross stitch chart, probably a gift for the exchange at work.  This took me A LOT longer than I expected.  Helped Hubby with his dinner idea of Italian meatloaf wrapped in a pizza crust…sort of a meatloaf calzone.  Dark Moon/IBT Purification bath using peppermint, chamomile and jasmine tea bags.  Sung, chanted and prayed to Hekate all the while soaking.

11/4:  exercised…you know I really dislike doing it.  Trying to give away some magazine cross-stitch charts as I’ve cleared out some magazines.  Hubby took our ballots in to the county, so yes I voted.  Wrote a poem based on the tale of a railroad visionary that has been bugging me since June.  Noumenia daily devotional, I offered the bowls I painted at the pottery shop.  A perfect blend of land, sea and flame.  Grocery shopped…spent more than I meant.  Got home and found an error on the receipt.  That helps some.  Worked.  Balanced check book.

11/5:  started laundry, read some instead of doing housework, worked, stopped by the grocery store to find out I misread the shelf tag…it was buy 2 get one free.  Really tired this evening for some reason…

11/6: despite being tired, I slept poorly last night.  Continuing with laundry.  Walked to the court house in 25 degree weather to get my fingerprints, a requirement for volunteering at my son’s school.  Since I could have drove, I consider that my exercise for the day.  Found some thankful tags so that I can write down what I’m thankful for and hang them somewhere in the house.  Did some tarot work to try to figure out what to do for the Agathos Daimon.  Was interesting.  Offerings were not mentioned but setting intentions for the month was.  Intentions for the month:  happy home life, find/make cool gifts, get more organized.  Worked.  Got lunches ready for the field trip tomorrow.

11/7:  field trip with my son’s class to the Denver Art Museum.  Craft night where I started a new project.  Burping stomach acid tonight.  Yuck.  Tired.  Hope I sleep better tonight.  Ill and miserable from about midnight on…

11/8:  I’ll spare you the ugly details of my gut cramping night.  I finally stop hurting enough to crawl into bed about the time my son was getting up.   Before that I texted my RN cousin to make sure I wasn’t dying like I thought.  Thankful for her knowledge, patience and willingness to deal with me.  Climbed out of bed about noon.  Cautiously ate some lunch.  Tummy isn’t sure about things but it doesn’t hurt, so I guess I will live. No energy to do much of anything though…by evening I felt much better.  We decided it was something I ate…I glanced at it and it looked good but upon later inspection there was mold the same color as the food.  Ugh.

11/9:  Up with a headache but can’t let it slow me down.  Got stuff to do!  Take down decorations, grocery shopping, laundry to put away, housework.Wrapped a bracelet in embroidery floss.  will see how well it wears.  If it does well, then I’ll either give them as gifts or add them to my own jewelry collection.  A great way to fix up those cheap tarnished bracelets.

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