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Thankful Day 4

November 4, 2013

Today I’m thankful that money is starting to come in…hopefully this means we will make all our bills this month.

It is hard being married to someone in the construction field.  Lag times between jobs can empty a savings account  quicker than you can imagine.  He works so hard fixing up other people’s houses that ours rarely gets worked on, if at all.  Friends that call on him to when they need help often get the job done either free or for a heavily discounted rate, because he doesn’t feel right charging them.  Yet if you need something hung or something breaks, he can easily fix it, often better than it was before.  He never yells at holes or scratches on the walls because he can easily fix them.  My husband has alot to teach me about generosity.  Have I mentioned that I’m thankful for him?  🙂

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