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Thankful Day 3: cross-stitch program

November 3, 2013

Today I’m thankful for my cross-stitch program.  When we are short of money around the holidays, I start crafting.  I redesigned a chart today, which took me way longer than I expected.  I can’t image how long it would have took me if I still did this by hand.  This chart will probably be a gift for the exchange at work.

I’m thankful for my stitching stash as I was able to find a chart for my son’s yearly ornament.  He surprised me by picking a cat themed ornament.

I’m thankful for my creative Hubby, who made a pretty good dinner.  We need to tweak the recipe some but it is a recipe I never would have tried without his instigation.

I’m thankful for his patience and perseverance as we had to catch a mouse that my cat brought in…

I’m thankful for my Christmas-present-buying mother who plagued me with phone calls as she tried to pick out gifts for my son.

I’m thankful for my child, who has made it his job to exercise my lungs, heart and temper…

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