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Thankful Day 2: my husband

November 2, 2013
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Today (and every day), I’m thankful for my hard working husband.  Since he got home from elk hunting, he has worked every day I think.  Trying to get jobs finished up so that he could get paid. So that we could pay our bills on time.  Some of these jobs are moving a lot slower than he expected but he keeps plugging away no matter how tired or sore he is.  Too many people in this world are not like that.

I’m thankful that he’s fine with me being gone 3 evenings a week, 2 for work and one for craft night.

I’m thankful that he likes to cook as it is about the only activity we do together.  We are good cooks…there is part of the reason why I’m a tad over weight!

He has always been supportive of me no matter what I wanted to do or who I fall in love with…

He brought me home a black kitty last year…after telling me one kitty was enough.

He told me that he is attracted to my body because it symbolizes me.  He said he likes my body just as much now as he did when we got married (which was many sizes ago.)  He reminded me that I am not my body that my body is a covering for the mind and soul.  It is which is within that he finds attractive, the body is mere window dressing.

He is a great father to our son.

He warms me up when I’m cold and has no issues when I move away from him because of a hot flash.

He cooks breakfast and always has.  He always leaves me plenty of coffee if I’m still in bed when he leaves for work.  I only drink half a cup.

He is the most self confident, easy going person I’ve ever met….and he’s mine.  I’ll share him with the right person(s) but never forget that he’s mine and I love him so.

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