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Daily Practices: October 27 – November 2

November 2, 2013

10/27:  This morning while my son and I were in the kitchen we heard Bearkitty meow.  She has a very distinctive meow…it sounds like her “meower” needs oiled as it is very creaky.  0.o  Bearkitty has been dead a couple of years.  I did write a letter to her last week…  Baked banana bread.  Watched Bronco game.  Worked on laundry.  Made Chicken Tortilla soup for dinner.  Tried to find some sort of easy-to-mail craft to make and send my niece and nephew.  Hubby had a hell of a time finding a pumpkin.  The one he got isn’t the best, but it is the best he could find.  Worked on author page.

10/28:  for exercise today my son and I danced around for a solid 20 minutes.  We took in recycling, went grocery shopping and watched SHIELD.  It was a pretty good day.  I’m amazed at how quickly he is picking up reading…today he was reading newspaper headlines to me.  I think he’s got his mama’s curiosity…Worked.

10/29:  Crazy day after not nearly enough sleep last night.  Got the treats for my son’s Halloween party planned out, printed and picked up.  Still need to assemble them and finish the skeleton.  Can’t forget the packing peanuts either.  Worked.  Got home and crashed.  There is still pumpkins to carve and crafts to finish…laundry to put away.  Son returns to school tomorrow so I will hopefully sleep well tonight so that I can be super productive tomorrow.

10/30:  Got boychild off to school.  Skeleton game assembled.  Letters wrote out to beloved dead.  The action of writing helped me remember more memories and more people.  Wrote the notes on hell money.  I plan on burning the sugar skull box and notes on “All Saints Day”.  When my son got home from school, we put together the treats for his party.  After work, I came home to a niftily carved pumpkin…then Hubby set me to choosing and preparing the design for the second pumpkin.  I posted a reminder poem over at “Under the Oaks”.  Pumpkin carved and seeds soaking, I went to bed.

10/31:  Honor to the ancestors.  After having fits over something my son did, I got a costume on then went to his school to prep, have and cleanup the Halloween party.  The kids seemed to have a great time and my skeleton game was a hit.  Next party will be the winter party and we are going to do a can food drive as a way of teaching the children about the importance of giving.  I don’t need to think about that until after Thanksgiving.  Relaxed a little while the boychild was at the library’s after-school club.  Then took him trick or treating.  I then went to craft night leaving Morgan in charge of handing out treats.  Unfortunately, no once came.  Party poopers!  Prayed/talked before my temporary larger ancestors altar.  I’m working on not feeling bad that I don’t have the energy or desire to do ritual.  I’ll do something more tomorrow.  I wanted to burn the letters but with the way the weather is, I might need to come up with an alternative…I wonder if shredding and dissolving them would serve the same purpose…

11/1:  Today I …relaxed.  I did some stitching.  I enjoyed the lack of “you have to do this/be here” demands.  Once my husband finally left for his snow covered job site (at least the sun finally came out), I did a reading on where I should be going, what I should be doing.  The answers surprised me.  They also lightened my heart.  After picking up my son, I sat down and watched Agents of Shield with him.

11/2:  Hubby worked, so I did things with the boy-child.  We worked with puff paint on our styrofoam skulls that were starting to look a bit beat up.  While I worked on mine, he drew up a life size skeleton, not unlike Mr. Calvin.  He tells me we can use it as a decoration next year.  We watched The Great and Wonderful Oz (or whatever they called it).  I thought it was ok but my son seamed to really enjoy it.  Need to borrow the original move for him to see.  Had a late dinner but finalized one of our recipes. EDIT:  I forgot to add that my son and I danced for 20 minutes for exercise today.  I also finished one of my UFOs (UnFinished Object) which is several years old.

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