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Dear Grandparents: the hat and the seamstress

October 29, 2013

Dear Grandpa:  saw a picture of cousin W. the other day.  He wears his newsboy cap, the same way you do…slouched at an angle.  I told him he looked like you…from the hat up.   My main memory of you wearing that hat was during some holiday or other…you were a bit…sloshed, dancing around with your hat at a rakish angle.  🙂  Hugs.

Dear Grandma:  I do occasionally see bits of you in the women in my family.  I mostly remember you as a seamstress, though I’m sure you were crafty in other ways besides ceramics.  Mom also sews, but she excels in her flower arranging.  The few pieces I’ve seen have been wonderful.  I have three of them that I treasure. She’s also (FINALLY) been teaching herself to draw.    My sister likes to craft too.  She excels in her jewelry crafting though she has been teaching herself to sew too.  Me, I do a little of everything.  I sew, I craft, I stitch, I do jewelry and simple flower arrangements.  So with everything we make, a little of your talent lives on.  Hugs

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