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Daily Practices: 10/20 – 10/26

October 27, 2013

I only realized on Wednesday that I forgot to do this…so a lot is  probably left out.

10/20:  Memory of the day:  Dan of the great legs.  Laundry.  Bronco game.  A boy-child that drove me insane…I blame that for not remembering what else I did.  Mailed packages.  Tried to find some craft paint in this town and only ended up pissed off.  Started putting up the Halloween decorations, not sure why it has taken me so long.  At this rate by the time I get them up, it will be time to take them down.  Ugh.

10/21:  My wonderful hubby’s birthday.  We didn’t do anything and I didn’t have any gifts.  Partially a money issue.  Partially a Hubby issue.  The man doesn’t see the point in celebrating birthdays.  “People are born every day, its no big deal.” He’s so hard to buy for and there is only so much I can make.  After 23 years together, I’m at a loss of what to get him.  Very slow day at work.   Editor sent back my article for revision.  The spelling typos that I missed are embarrassing but I can’t find the minor grammar issues she claimed were there so I’ve farmed it out to a couple of volunteers.  Worked on author blog…I like to think I’m getting close to being finished but I haven’t even started on the prayers yet.  I really didn’t realize how much I had written.  Have at least one idea for another story brewing but need the time and brain space to sit down and do it.  A few more decorations.

10/22:  Feeling crafty.  Made my son a bead and pipe cleaner spider.  Looks rather nifty.  Took an old witch sign and had Hubby spray it with chalkboard paint.  I then took out my nail polish to repaint the witches hat and a few other items.  Worked.  Asked for something to do on slow evenings and was given the task of looking through the children’s non-fiction section to mark books that are appropriate for early readers.  Yep.  I’ll be getting paid to look through books.  Lovin’ it.  Read an awesome article by Neil Giaman on the importance of reading and libraries.  Terrific article.  Aresday devotional.

10/23:  son has already mangled the spider.  ARRGH!  Got pissed at him and told him that is why I don’t like to make him things or buy him more toys because he doesn’t take care of anything.  Maybe a little harsh but geez!  What part of leave it alone can be understood as place it on the floor so that you can accidentally step on it when you forget that its just behind you…especially when you are supposed to be getting ready for school and not playing around…is so hard to understand?  Stitching and more decorations put up.  Heck I even put away most of the laundry. Volunteered to help with Halloween party at my son’s school.  One mom may need to be lassoed to rein her in.  🙂  Worked.  Have no ideas for my volunteer blog or for my memory letters…

10/24:  exercised; worked on the changes my reviewer suggested and sent article off to the editor; worked on article on Hades for my “From the Oak” blog; volunteered at my son’s school; worked on notices for the school’s Halloween party; watched a movie with my son; went to craft night where I painted the third offering bowl for the altar.  Feeling very pissed that I can’t do anything fun with my son while he’s on “fall break” because we don’t have the money.  Even more pissed, unreasonably so I admit, that Hubby is working all weekend, since he just recently go back from elk hunting.  It would have been nice to do something together as a family….assuming I could get him away from the computer.  I’m just feeling all sorts of bitchy.  I better just go to bed.  Saw a pic before bed of my cousin wearing a cap at an angle…just like my grandfather used to…told him he looked like my grandfather…from the hat up.  🙂

10/25:  got to sleep in, Yay!  Have a friend of Hubby’s coming up this weekend, so after having lunch with Hubby, the boychild and I did housework and put up the majority of the rest of the decorations.  Still have a few window sticks, but otherwise done unless we make anything.  Helped Hubby get diiner ready then met some local friends for drinks.  One of the women described me as eccentric.  I couldn’t decide if I was pleased or insulted.  Something one of the women said made me think of my grandmother…damn whiskey…I can’t remember what the memory was now.  Memories for the week:  pets.

10/26:  Child issues today…he seems to keep forgetting which one of us is the parent.  Took him to the local Halloween event/fund raiser.  Came home, ate lunch, finished putting up all the decorations I plan on getting up.  Started laundry.  Tried a new side dish for dinner.  It was pretty good though the idea needs some adjustments (with bacon, cheese and potatoes it’s hard to go wrong).  Got the paper skull for holding the letters colored up and assembled.  Started cutting out the skeleton for the game I’m making for the boychild’s school Halloween party.  Prayers, as always, before bed.

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