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Dear Grandparents: Pets

October 25, 2013

These 6 memories are not of my ancestors but they were dearly loved family members at  any rate.

Dear Cody:  I knew you were a good dog for a yellow lab mix but I wasn’t aware until our current dog.  A nice enough fellow but definitely not you.  You so loved to be outside and never minded the cold.  At least with Kory, we don’t have to worry about him taking himself for walks as you did.  Yet you were more reasonable about your barking and didn’t have anxiety issues. You were the best mouser ever until our current cats.  Never seen a dog go after mice like you did or seen one pout like you did once they accidentally died.  The memory of your grunting, for you never did whine, still makes me laugh. Miss you bunches.

Dear Aspen:  My main memory of you is how high you could jump when you where not aware of what you were doing…as high as a gazelle I think.  Well that and the number of times you almost crapped on my shoe when I took you for walks as you never did give a warning.  We got you as a companion for Cody.  He didn’t do well after we had to let you go.  We got a new dog in hopes of encouraging him but I think it was too late and the puppy just too much for an old dog.  I hope you still spend time together.

Dear Sailor:  The only cat we ever had that adopted us instead of the other way around.  You had the loudest purr ever and loved to nestle down in Hubby’s hunting bag.  I do not trust that vet to this day.  I’m sorry we had you for so little time.

Dear Enchina:  you were the first snake we had.  Gentle, tolerant and easy going.  I’m so sorry for the disease you developed, for the pain you had to be in before we discovered the  problem.  You gave me a fascination for snakes that is with me to this day.

Dear Sammy:  your passing was the hardest on us…my first black kitty.  I got so little time with you but I hope you know you were loved and the anger still burns at your poisoner.  Cuddles and scritches.

Dear Bearkitty:  we had you in our life longer than any other pet.  You raised Cody and Aspen but hated other cats.  You loved to eat/dissect chipmunks but left birds and mice alone.  We kept you with us for too long.  I was ready to let you go long before Hubby was.  You were patient with him, maybe too patient.  I’m sorry that I didn’t push him harder.  I’m sorry that your ending was so drawn out.  May you rest ever in sunshine.

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