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Dear Grandparents catch-up

October 18, 2013

Dear Grandparents:  I apologize for the lack of letters of late due to insomnia, illness and factors of daily life that thew me off the wagon.  I’m behind by 13 memories, 14 if you count today.  So this letter is an attempt to get caught back-up.  I’m actually surprised at how hard it has been for me to find memories that I can articulate…so much are just feelings…

  1. Grandma M.  I apologize for never quite finding a comfortable groove with you.  I can’t even give a good reason for it as you were always sweet and generous.  As my husband’s maternal grandmother, your family was so different from my own.  This city girl was rather surprised at how countrified you all seemed and I was so far out of my element.  Forgive me.
  2. Grandma M, one of my favorite wedding gifts is the table cloth you crocheted me/us.  It is something that I do not use often but when I do I once again admire the time, effort and patience it took to get it completed.  Thank you so much.
  3. Grandma M, I do not remember many of my bridal shower gifts, but I remember yours.  You painted me a set of ceramic canisters that I just adored.  I was so heart broken over the years when they started getting chips and when the paint started flaking off.  I retired them with a heavy heart but remember them and your efforts for this non-blood relative.  Thank you.
  4. Grandma M, I admit my memory has never been great and since all the hormonal shifts, it has gotten even worse.  I remember designing and stitching a commemorative 50th wedding anniversary chart.  It was one of the first things I ever designed and so was rather simple but I think you liked it.  I always wonder what happened to it.  Hugs
  5. Grandma M, one of my strongest memories of you was the time we went shopping for baby items while I was pregnant.  You insisted on getting your unborn grandchild that huge soft monkey.  He still has it.  I have numerous pictures of him with it.  At first the monkey was smaller then him, my favorite picture being the one where it looks like the monkey is holding him up.  Then there is the picture where they are the same size and your grandson is hauling him allover the house and towing the toy in a small wagon.  Now your grandchild is much bigger but the monkey still has a place in his room.
  6. Grandpa M, do you know what my first thought was when I met you?  That you still had a full head of hair and a hair cut which wasn’t too different from your grandson’s!  You were always so lively and fun.  Always brought a smile to my face.
  7. Johnny, I’ve never met you.  You died long before I met your cousin.  He thinks of you from time to time and still misses your presence in his life.  I wish things had happened differently, so that I could have known the cousin that had such an important place in my husband’s heart.
  8. Kathy, one of the memories of you that sticks out is the time we were at branding, pushing calves.  You and I were the only ones in the pen and something happened.  You went down which was a bad place to be with those calves.  I remember scooping you up and then dumping you into someone else’s arms over the 6′ fence, bad shoulders be damned.  Sigh, miss you girl.
  9. Kathy, I still have those earrings you gave me.  I don’t wear them as often but I still have them.  You got them for me when you worked at that clothing store.  I think you had a pair and when I admired them, you gave me a similar pair the next time I saw you.  Thanks.
  10. Kathy, you darling girl, you should see your daughter.  Gorgeous doesn’t begin to cover it.  I worry about her so, as I have no idea if she has your medical condition.  I’m sure you are doing what you can to look after her but I just want to throw some energy behind you to help you do so as I want her to live to see her own grandchildren…
  11. Grandpa B, I never met you.  I never even learned about your existence in my family line until after I was an adult.  I wish you could have met us, met your son.  I’m in contact with one of your children but do not know them or the family history really.  I would have liked to know you, even just a little.  Hugs.
  12. Grandpa H, you had asked me once not too long before you passed over what I believed happened when one died.  How or when you heard, that I was the only non-Christian in the family, I’d love to know.  Well now you know more than I do.  Was I close?
  13. Grandpa H, funerals are grim times, but Grandma’s was one of the best.  I wish I had known to look at her brothers when they played that polka at the end of her funeral.  I heard they were upset but I think it was perfect for Grandma.  But the bigger memory for me that day?  You telling me I looked like a nun in that black wool cloak that I love so much.  A nun!
  14. Grandpa H, you were always so proud of being a Bojon.  I wish I had heard more of your stories.  Stories of your youth, of your family, of the your time in the service.  I find it rather amusing that I live in a part of the state that has a large contingent of Bojons… Remember when Unc had me do some research for him up here?  We found out that the preacher that married one of our ancestors, had actually been defrocked sometime before that so that technically, we are all bastards.  You were so not pleased when you found out.  I however found it amusing….
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