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Daily Practices: 9/29 – 10/5

October 5, 2013

Weather is getting colder.  Got snow last week and you can still find it in some of the shadows.  As always prayers are said before bed unless otherwise noted.

9/29:  Slept relatively well but still feel really tired.  I think I’m going to go back to taking a vitamin B 100 complex to see if that helps.  I went off of it to see if there was a difference as I hate taking things unnecessary.  Hopefully going back on it will give me more energy.  Hot flashes are killing me slowly.  I’d rather have an elevated constant temp than the power surges.  Hope this black cohosh takes over soon.  Hubby was very productive in the kitchen yesterday, I assisted him as needed but our son was probably more “help” than I was.  Worked more on the author blog.  Put laundry away.  Watched the Broncos walk all over the Eagles.  Went to bed early and realized I forgot to post my daily memory, so it will be posted on Monday.  I did think about memories which may or may not be why I had a hell of a time going to sleep.  Ended up popping some melatonin which finally shut my brain down but the continuous hot flashes didn’t help either.  Neglected evening prayers.  Today’s memory:  Grandpa C and his “advice”.

9/30:  I think my son gave me his cold; got to work more on his “illness manners”.  Tired, very tired today; which sucks as I work 5-8 tonight.  Worked more on author blog.  Posting two memories today. Yoga for exercise today. Worked.  Today’s memory:  ham sandwiches

10/1:  beautiful day today.  Worked more on the author blog.  Aresday devotional.  Bellydance workout. Volunteered.  Worked.  Got 4th and 5th graders to tell me jokes…they were bad and badly told…it was hilarious.  Today’s memory:  veggies

10/2:  still sleeping very badly so it is getting harder to remember everything I’m supposed to do.  Today’s memory:  my paternal grandmother.  Worked.  Added more to the author blog.  Wrote my Pagan Square blog too. Laundry, dinner in crockpot – Mongolian beef, new recipe.

10/3:  tired.  Exercised. Added a bit more to  author blog, still have a bunch to go.  Worked. Ill

10/4:  ill

10/5:  ill

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