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Daily Practices: 9/22 – 9/28

September 28, 2013

All the Daily Practices or Daily Devotionals before the 9/22/13 were moved from OakenScrolls.  This is a journal post of my week and my observances.  I will be continuing these for my own information.  Feel free to ignore them.

9/22:  made equinox ritual preparations; made a corn dolly whose chest cavity is filled with flowers from the garden; High ritual after my son went to bed. One of the things I’m doing is sharing on my other blog memories of the dead as a way to honor them from now until Halloween.  Today’s memory:  the creamy sweater given to me as a child by my grandmother; jarred up horseradish, have a lot need to find homes for some of it.

9/23:  originally planned to do a shorter ritual with my son where we load the corn dolly with memories of summer but time and homework got away from us. Today’s memory:  the white towels that my grandmother gave me at my bridal shower.

9/24:  exercised; Aresday devotional; volunteered; worked; Today’s memory:  the chicken dance that my grandparents taught all their grand children.

9/25:  wrote a story for my “From the Oaks” blog; Today’s memory:  the first time holding a snake that belong to my then boyfriend’s (now husband’s) cousin; Hermesday devotional; worked

9/26:  exercised; tarot reading about leaving ADF, short answer is yes it is right to leave; moved ADF posts on to this blog; turning Oaken Scrolls into an author blog; today’s memory:  poppy and the snake; Zeusday devotional; my son’s teacher practically begged me for some horseradish :); craft night

9/27:  continuing blog shift and clean up; much colder day today.  High was this morning of 42 degrees; fought with my son over which heavy coat he is going to wear…his coats from last year don’t fit and barely fit.  Of course he wanted to wear the doesn’t fit.  Hope money loosens up so that I can replace his coat and get him some boots. Took Morgan to book club.  It was held at a gorgeous house…the type of house I’ve always wanted with plenty of surrounding land that has been landscaped beautifully.  Very envious.  So tired.  I can’t tell you the last time I had a good night of sleep.  Taking black cohosh for hot flashes, hopefully sometime soon that will allow me to get some sleep.  Very soon.  Today’s memory:  Poppy and the avocado pit.

9/28:  not sleeping well leaves my unmotivated to do anything but sit; I wake about every two hours, sometimes once an hour. Continuing work on Oaken Scrolls.  It is taking time because I’m turning each poem or prayer into something people can save and share if they wish. Bedtime yoga, not much of exercise but better than none. Today’s memory:  Christmas Eves at Great Grandma’s.

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