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Not rejoining ADF

September 26, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

I’ve been contemplating this for a while now.  There are a variety of reasons for leaving with the lack of money to sign up being the least of my reasons.

I joined ADF to fill in the gaps of my basic spiritual knowledge.  Knowledge that is not Wiccan-based which is where I started out.  I feel like I’ve met this goal.  The Hallows and the Kindreds will remain part of my practice.  The Hallows and the connections to the Kindreds is what I was missing, I think.  I still need to work my way through the virtues but I’m happy with the learning I’ve picked up here.  I’m sure there would be more to learn from ADF if I had stayed but…

As a solitary by circumstance (though occasionally choice), I’ve made no connections within ADF that give me cause to stay.  I do not have someone local to me and the online groups do not fulfill the gap.  ADF is very much a group organization/fellowship and I have no group.  There is enough unfriendly contention in the online groups, that leaves me with no desire to even try to form bonds.    I plan on staying part of the Solitary Druid Fellowship, for now at least and I’ll probably stay in the ADF Solitary Facebook group for now (unless I get booted for being a non-member).

There is a part of me that feels some disappointment in not continuing on and finishing the Dedicant Path.  This is the same part of me that probably had me continue on to get the degree that I didn’t want and have never used (which is still costing me almost 20 years later in student loans).  I’ve made it through all 8 high rituals, so all that is left is the essays and book reports but I have no desire to do them.  The books I will still read and probably post about them but the desire to formalize my achievements isn’t there.

The larger part of me feels relieved.  The effort to meet the requirements was starting taking the joy out of my path.  Once that internal niggler finally relaxes, I hope I will again find the joy and contentment in the doing.

So what about this blog?  I’m not sure.  I don’t want to delete it but neither do I plan to make regular posts here.  Maybe I will make this blog more of an author page, where I post all my letterings.  I haven’t decided.  If I do so, I will move (to my personal blog) or delete most of the current content.

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