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Dear Grandparents: white towels

September 23, 2013

Dear Grandma,

The last letter jogged another gift memory.  This gift was given to me at the bridal shower we had at your house.  White towels, tied with a ribbon and (as I remember it) fresh flowers.  Unfortunately, it was another gift that I didn’t properly appreciate.  Looking back now, I think it was an effort on your behalf to match what ever decor we might have had.  Yet all I could think of was, knowing my husband-to-be, how in the heck was I going to keep them white?!  You also gave us money to help us buy a china set.  I remember we had the pretties china set picked out.  Black and white with calla lilies.  Yet we were a young couple in college (or fresh out of it) and never were able to get the money together to be able to purchase that set.  I’ve always regretted that.  That was a really pretty set.  Yet really, it was impractical for that time of our life.  Especially since we moved 4 times in the following 4 years.

However, let me tell you about the china set I have now.  It was gifted to me from one of Charlie’s clients who has no appreciation for the past.  It belonged to one of his deceased relatives.  I’ve dated them to about 1936.  They are a yellowish-cream and white with 24kt gold accents.  It is a 12 setting set plus serving dishes.  Square salad plates, soup bowls, teacups and saucers, and creamer and sugar bowl.  Only thing that appears to be missing is a teapot.  A few chips but other than that in mint condition.  You would have loved this set.

Love you Grandma.

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