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Dear Grandparents: Equinox letter

September 23, 2013

I’m writing yesterday’s letter today as with the prep and execution of the equinox ritual, I didn’t quite get to it (wasn’t sure if I should have done one for yesterday any way.  I’m doing one to cover my bases.  🙂  ).  These letters are part of my effort to remember the ancestors from now until Halloween.

Dear Grandma,

One of my earliest memories isn’t so much of you but of one of your gifts.  I do not know why this gift sticks in my mind.  It was a cream colored sweater with wood buttons and a hood.  The yarn was thick and not very soft.  My little sister got one too.  I remember being baffled that you got this for us instead of something useful like a toy.  I remember the befuddlement of why everyone thought it was cute that we matched.  And those wood buttons, man I thought they were ugly.  Wore them we did though and I grew not to mind it very much.  The yarn softened up with washing so it wasn’t so scratchy.  Yet I am puzzled why of all the gifts I remember this one.

Love you Grandma.  Hope you got the chance to dance with Grandpa at least once after he crossed over to join you.

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