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Spirit of Life

September 22, 2013

Persephone is the spirit of life or the catalyst for seasonal growth with in the Dance of Life or Wheel of the Year.  Originally I marked the Equinoxes as the start of her journey but as I read “Queen of the Sacred Way” I can now see why others see her as doing the complete journey on that day if one looks on her as a catalyst for growth.  Below is my mental meanderings on the subject, more set down  here to get it out of my head than anything.

If she leaves on the Fall Equinox, then things begin to die since the catalyst is gone and once the “battery” is dead so is the plant.  Because it is the season of death, the dead are allowed to roam until All Hallows Eve.  All Hallows Day thanks they ancestors that visited.

From Halloween until Solstice, it is the time between life and death.  A time to go within, a time to count your blessings.

Solstice is a time to celebrate the return of the sun, the return of the light but still nothing grows.

Beginning of February is when, if we are lucky, Demeter shakes off her mourning and begins to cooperate with Helios getting the ground ready for her daughter’s return.

If she arrives on the Spring Equinox, her presence on Gaia spurs the growth of all that we hold dear.  Because it is a season of growth, the dead are not allowed to roam.

On May 1st, she is crowned May queen because without her nothing would grow.  This is a period of light heartedness and play.

Summer Solstice, we celebrate the sun at his full strength, yet we also realize this means that, Persephone is halfway through her visit.  One becomes more serious about planting/gathering up food for the long winter ahead.

August 1st is the start of the harvest season, thanks is given to Demeter for her efforts and Zeus for the right amount of moisture.

The thing that still throws me off is the knowledge that while one hemisphere has winter, the other has summer and then it switches.  So she never really goes into the underworld…but what about the compassion she is known to show the dead.  I like to think that before her marriage, the underworld was nothing but the Asphodel Fields…it was her compassion that caused the other areas to come into being.  Not because Hades is a hardhearted god but because it hadn’t occurred to him, being so distant from the world above that it was needed.  His wife brings balance to the realms below but that isn’t to say that she is the easy going one either.  So how does this work out with the hemispheres and yet her being below.  Realistically, she can be wherever she is needed but there is no poetry to that, however true it is.  Mythologically how can this be worked out?

[yes I realize my wheel of the year is not reconstructionist but it is amazing how well the festivals of Demeter and Persephone fit…I go with what works.  Guess I am just an American in that way…]

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