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Equinox ritual recap

September 22, 2013

Moved from Oaken Scrolls

Yet another ritual that did not go smoothly, despite my attempts to do so.  [laughs] It wasn’t a bad ritual, just not a perfect one.  Seems like the harder I try to get it right the more that seems to go wrong.  Ah well. The Kindreds seemed just amused.  Stumbling over words, forgetting the prayer book across the room, etc.  Uncertainty whether to leave offerings in glasses or pour them into the libations bowl.  Neither felt right…I left them for a time THEN dumped them in the bowl.

Gatekeeper – this time I decided to use Iris…she’s been showing up alot in the day to day things so I did a divination and it said this was a great way to start a relationship with her, by asking her to be Gatekeeper.

Deities of Occasion:   The main deity was Persephone, though I did acknowledge both Demeter and Zeus.  I also invited my ancestors to visit with me.  From now until Halloween, I will be doing something daily to honor my ancestors.  Either by blogging about my memories or through offerings or any way else that hasn’t occurred to me as of yet.


The KIndreds got an offering of cinnamon cider.

Gatekeeper offering was incense (not to self:  never burn orchid!  Yuck!  Unless combined with something strong and sweet.)

DO offering was a lock of hair, honeyed milk and the corn dolly (whose chest cavity is filled with flowers from the garden)

The well included melted freshly fallen snow.  Yep it was snowing when I was preparing for ritual.

Omens:  2 sets.  A card for each Kindred and then the standard questions (Using the 9×9 oracle deck)

Ancestors:  Tree2/Roof Tree – this felt like a reaffirming of our relationship

Nature Kin:  Land2/North/Winter – not sure if this was an affirmation that winter is on its way or a slap on the back saying it is already here, ready or not.

Gods:  Well8/Well of Memory – encouragement on the choice to connect with the ancestors during the coming 6 weeks?

How were my offerings received?   Sky6/Dusk – I get the impression that they were well received

How shall the Kindreds respond?  Ancestors 9/Rebirth – with a redo or a return?  Again maybe related to the 6 special weeks of ancestor honoring?

What would the Kindreds have me learn or do?  Tree3/Crossroads – I need to contemplate this one…this may mean they want to stay in ADF or that I’ve come to a decision point…

It is late.  I’ll post the ritual pics tomorrow.

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