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Equinox ritual prep

September 21, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

Prepped the prayers for tomorrow’s ritual.

Statement of purpose

I am poised at the moment of balance—
The Dance of Life continues
The Earth turns from the Sun, preparing for sleep,
As workers of the land gather in the harvest,
I prepare for the season of darkness with a heavy heart.
I honor the light
The fire of the Sun, of the hearth, of the heart,
The life-giving warmth of the summer,
Whose bounty sustains and supports me.
Kore-Persephone is leaving my world
She is returning to her beloved.
For the wheel must turn, dark must follow light.
It is the time of rest, of going within.
So I will honor the dark,
The shadows of night, of the snow, of the soul,
The death-bringing cold of the winter,
Whose silence rests and renews me
Just as Demeter turns her power away from the land
So I turn away from busy pace of summer
to rest and renew in Hestia’s realm of home and hearth
Hail the balance of light and dark!
Hail the descent until the return!
Hail the places in between!

Beings of Occasion Offerings

The Descent

Invitation to the Ancestors

I call to thee of blood and heart
By the Well, the Flame, the Tree
I wish to know you
I seek you in my slumbers,
As I move throughout my day
Tell me your stories
Guide me with your wisdom
Come to me, beloved grandparents
Tell me about the good ol’ days
So much has been lost
So much has been unsaid
Share with me for I am your kin
Through me your memory lives on
I seek to know and honor you
Hail and Welcome dear ones!

Final Affirmation

I give thanks for the balance of light and dark.
I give thanks for this change of pace,
I give thanks for this moment between.
The bounty of the summer has nourished me,
So may the sleep of winter revive me.
I have made offerings with joy and gratitude
For the pleasures received during Kore’s time above.
I welcome the memories of my visiting dead
I honor the Kindreds of light and dark, summer and winter;
I willingly hold my place in the cycle of change.
I Hail the Dance of Life!

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