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Daily practices: 9/15 – 9/21

September 21, 2013

All the Daily Practices or Daily Devotionals before the 9/22/13 were moved from OakenScrolls.  This is a journal post of my week and my observances.  I will be continuing these for my own information.  Feel free to ignore them.

9/15:  drove home from Denver who again got way too much rain.  Home was fine but cool.  Hubby figures we’ll need to get all the lettuce and kale out of the ground early this week as it will most likely drop below freezing by the end of the week.  Tomatoes haven’t quite gone red so they’ll have to start coming indoors at night or just stay in doors.  Will probably start cutting back the flower garden, rhubarb and such too.  Time to prep the beds for winter.

9/16:  exercised

9/17:  didn’t sleep at all last night; Aresday devotional; exercised; volunteered; worked.  Today is my 19th wedding anniversary.

9/18: no prayers last night;  headache day; researching on an Aztec/Mayan deity and coming up with diddly squat; gave away some of our lettuce that I’m needing to cut as freezing temperatures are slated for tonight; worked; more research

9/19:  no freezing temperatures…oh well; wrote blog on Acat (well I tried any way); tarot readings; prayers and incense for my Lady; prayers to Selene on this night of the full moon

9/20:  exercised; daily devotional to the deities of love

9/21:  today I found myself doing housework, preparing for spending more time indoors and less out side.  I wasn’t even aware of doing it, only that it needed to be done.  I let a lot of housework slide over the summer and with the little bit of remodeling my husband did, the house needed a cleaning hand most desperately.  Still not great but much better than it was.  I even put out fall decorations.  I also prepared the altar for tomorrow and put together the ritual.

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