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Daily Practices: 9/8 – 9/14

September 15, 2013

My house is in shambles at the moment.  Hubby has been replacing windows, interior and exterior trim and painting.  Shrines/altars are temporarily taken down or inaccessible due to the work.   One could say that the work is involves Hestia as she is the lady of the home and I light candles to deal with paint fumes but I have not overtly called upon her, though she has been on mind from time to time.   As always night prayers continue.  Weather has turned cooler this week with more Aspens turning colors, with some areas getting records amount of rain.  Actually wearing coats and long sleeves.

9/8:  remodeling

9/9:  remodeling, cleaning up of some cluttered areas

9/10:  exercise, volunteer, work, write blog on Canaanite divinities

9/11: very sore today; hung flag on house to honor the dead, called my mother as it is her birthday

9/12:  Denver is getting record amounts of rain…lots of dams breaking and roads washing away; exercised; volunteered; prayers to Papa Zeus; offering poured to Hypnos; having my doubts about whether I should remain with ADF and continue with DP.  I feel like I’ve gotten what I needed out of the studies, I haven’t really made friends within this community.  Some of the things I’ve seen show it isn’t any better member-wise than some of the other communities in which I’ve dealt.  I am so tired of infighting. I look to the online community for support in areas that I cannot get in my physical surroundings.  I haven’t found it and probably never will in an online format but I keep hoping.  If you are not part of a grove or close enough to attend one (assuming you get lucky enough to have one that is also at the same hearth as you) then it is a lonely feeling.  I haven’t even met anyone in the various online groups that inspires friendship.  They seem no different than a lot of other Pagan groups including the holier than thou attitudes.  It just doesn’t inspire me.   Money is tight right now too.  The rituals and formats have been of immense help though…I have a couple more weeks to decide as my membership date is 10/3.

9/13:  went to the library book sale and managed to restrain myself…I only brought home 5 books, 2 of which are for my son.  I think that is a new record.  Headed to Denver to birthday my mother.  Almost forgot…I did do a daily devotional in honor of my Lady.

9/14:  Spent time with my mother all day.  Evening we went to a birthday party.

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