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Daily Practices: 9/1 – 9/7

September 7, 2013

9/1:  walked.  Hubby found a hawk feather, looks like from a wing.  Saw “tunnel” spiders, I’m told that they are probably wolf spiders.  Picked up a bunch of poor quality yellow quartz (citrine) with my son on our treasure hunting expedition.  Still very few doves.

9/2:  Another very hot day.  Went on the hunt at Hubby’s request, still very few doves. Dove fry in afternoon, then headed home (had some vehicle trouble along the way…I owe Hermes, Hephaistos offerings now too!)  Rather late when we got home, did the minimal necessary to unload then went to bed.

9/3:  Got the boychild off to school, exercised, got ready for my first day of work, volunteered at his school and went to work.  Meant to do devotional before I left and got so twitter-painted I forgot.  Working at the local library, at the circulation desk.  Enjoyed it but boy were my feet tired when I got home!  Spent the evening trying to figure out from what birds the feathers came.  The first one looks like a rough-legged hawk.  The second looks like a snowy owl but I’m pretty sure they are not found on the prairie during late summer so it is probably a woodpecker feather.  Oh and some wild turkey feathers.

9/4:  Wrote blog on Janus which took most of the morning.  Rest of the day consisted of laundry and such.

9/5:  Exercised.  Fireball whiskey libation to Hermes.  Incense for Helphaistos.  Zeusday devotional.  Volunteered.  Worked.  Bronco game. Offered incense to Hekate along with prayers.

9/6:  nothing

9/7:  cleaned altars, noumenia (1 day late) offered incense.


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