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Daily Devotional: 8/25 – 8/31

September 3, 2013

8/25:  Drove over a high mountain pass to run errands.  Fall is showing her fingers and toes.  The grasses are brown and yellow at the tips from the seeds being ready to go.  Bushes and some of the ground cover are turning yellow.  A few small aspens or lone branches on bigger aspens are also turning yellow.  Sadness is always part of fall for me since winters here are long and cold.  I do like the colors though…dark greens, golds, reds, purples…

8/26:  another night of lousy sleep…this one stress induced along with hot flashes and such.  Hips very cranky this morning so did a hip workout.  Moonday devotional.  New tarot deck, Steampunk tarot, which I’m reading through the book on it.  So far I really like it.  The proof will be in the usage.  Got called in for a job interview.  Nervous…not so much about the job but the changes, good and bad, that would have to happen around here to make it work especially where my son is concerned.  Not crazy about the days either…Friday through Tuesday every other week, off weeks would just be Monday and Tuesday…depending on the other person they hire and having to work it out with that person.  The job would be enjoyable I think though.

8/27:  Interview this morning, did the Ares day devotional first.  Also lunch duty at my child’s school.  Wrote a prayer to Hypnos.

8/28:  Hermesday devotional.  Lunch duty at school.  Tarot work.  Found an interesting site on pendulums.  NA Board of Directors meeting.

8/29:  Tarot work.  Found out I got the job I wanted and with the type of hours I can handle!  exercised. Zeusday devotional.

8/30:  Loaded up the camper, picked up the boychild and went to Dove camp.  Saw 2 hawks in a tree in the middle of Denver, I’m guessing red-tailed hawks.  Saw 4 deer at dusk.  Also saw 2 rainsheets in/against the clouds (as opposed to rainbows) and 3 ground “touching” rainbows.Much warmer and windy environment.  Very dry.  Not many doves to be seen either.

8/31:  first descent night of sleep in about 2 weeks, need to offer milk and honey to Hypnos but I didn’t bring any honey!  Very hot day.  Walked at dusk.  Found a white feather with light brown markings (told by a local that it is probably from an owl) and a wild gourd.

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