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Daily Practices: 8/18 – 8/24

August 26, 2013

8/18:  Rainbows, lots of rainbows lately.  Iris seems to be trying to get my attention.  There is so little out there about her that I’m at a loss at what to do.  So thinking about it, a couple of things came to mind:  first I went and cleaned off the crystal in my kitchen.  When it is clean and the sun hits it, little rainbows light up the area.  The second thing that came to mind was chakras, the rainbow within the body.  Offerings of honey cakes and a connection to Hekate was found in my search.  No idea where it is going but she isn’t giving up so I ought to pursue it.  Had some of the lettuce, kale and horseradish leaf with dinner.  My son loved it.  Surprisingly.  My belly didn’t.  Too much fiber for me to digest at once I think.

8/19:  exercised.  Started editing a Hera devotional anthology.  Moonday devotional.

8/20:  exercised. Aresday devotional.  Continued editing Hera devotional.  Wrote a story about how Hermes got his wings.  Inspired by things I read and saw while researching Iris.  Noticed I need to cut back some of the flowers.  Blueberry bush is showing that nights have been getting cool and the raspberries are ripening on those plants.  Lit incense for my lady and sent prayers to her on the rays of the moon.

8/21:  headache today, helped at my son’s school, filled with worries and fears tonight

8/22:  another night of very little sleep.  Ugh.  Exercised, barely.  Zeusday devotional.

8/23:  so little sleep that after the boy child went to school, I went back to bed.  Got up and made cookies for the bake sale for movie at the park.  Helped run the table.  Made over $150 for the boy-child’s school.

8/24:  Took recycling in…I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before but we do a fair amount of recycling…office paper-type stuff, newspaper, plastics 1-7, paperboard, cardboard, glass, tin/steel, aluminum, copper…most of it goes to the county recycling center.  The stuff we can get money for goes to places down in Denver.  The money from which goes into our son’s college fund.  Also worked on the flowerbeds today.  Dead heading the wild geranium and Icelandic poppy so that their seeds don’t spread.  Dead headed the pansies so that they keep flowering.  Pulled the flowers off of the chives I could find….the rest are hidden within my husband’s raspberry patch.  For the first time they have overwhelmed the chives.  The catmint got pretty tall too.  The foxglove has bloomed and is shedding its lower “hats”.  Iris never bloomed and neither did several other plants.  If they do not bloom again next year, I’ll dig them up and replace them with something that will.  The vine has finally started doing something…almost too late.  If it doesn’t do better next year, they’ll come out too.

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