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Daily Practices: 8/11- 8/17

August 17, 2013

This week we are cleaning up after Dragonfest and then I’m heading to my mother’s to visit with my sister and her kids who live out of state.  As it is a Christian household, I’m keeping my observances minimal out of respect to my parents.  As always prayers before bed are always said…oh and before meals…my parents allow for that and amusingly enough, my niece and nephew like to say our prayer too.

8/11:  Closing ritual.  Gift tree where I picked up a small, lovely Aphrodite statue which I promptly washed, coated with jasmine scented olive oil while I said a prayer then gift to two good friends who got handfasted earlier in the week.  Helped the take-down crew (read this as worked my ass off).  Saw another unusual rainbow…the third one this summer so I lit incense to Iris.  Tonight we offered hospitality at our camp site to the few staff and volunteers remaining on the grounds.

8/12:  Did the final clean-up and verification.  Finished packing our own site up in the midst of a heavy down pour.  Poor Hubby gets to do the dryout/clean-up by himself.  Headed to Denver.

8/13 – 8/15:  at my parents’ enjoying their hospitality and trying to be a good guest.  This means that my daily devotions only happen if I’m sure I will not be interrupted as I have no wish to offend my hosts or their other guest.  Did a walk around the neighborhood twice.

8/16:  home in time for dinner.  An old friend happened to be in town for the night so we met with him.  Came home and went to bed.

8/17:  today was spent in an attempt to get my hearth and home back into a state of order and cleanliness.  This was hampered by my husband’s effort to replace some windows.  However, some of the mess has been tamed and about half of the laundry.  Finally got in a shower and then did the daily devotional in which I honored all the Kindreds.

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