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Daily Practices: 7/28 – 8/3

August 14, 2013

Crazy busy week, this week.  Prepping for branding, from there directly to Dragonfest for a week and from Dragonfest to Denver to see my sister who will be in town from Texas.

7/28:  Very cool day in Denver…I wore jeans comfortably.  Honored everyone I had prayer cards for during devotional.  Bought tiger-eye beads to make a bracelet to honor my gryphon guide(?) (still feel crazy when I talk about it so I don’t mention him much).  Returned home from Denver late.  All the rains we’ve been getting as caused our yard to look like a jungle.  Hope Hubby can mow the lawn soon.  The lettuce and kale are doing well, 5″ and 3″ respectively.

7/29:  Unseasonably cool weather, low 60s as the high.  Exercised.  Starting to dead head flowers to prevent the spreading of seeds in the front yard.  Completely cut back one of the columbines.  The wild geraniums are the biggest I’ve seen them.  Finished designing the ADF 9×9 oracle cards.  Printed them out.  Nothing else is ready for high ritual but the oracle cards will be.  They are cut out but still need corners rounded and a design for the back.

7/30:  Didn’t sleep well.  Very cool this morning, but my son (bless his heart) convinced me to go ahead with my workout.  I walked the cemetery again, pouring libations and picking up trash.  Enjoyed listening to the wind through the trees.  Wrote a blog post on Kronos and Kronia.  Grumpy this afternoon.  Need to prep for two weeks out of town but lacking the motivation.

7/31:  Didn’t sleep well.  Wrote a vacation blog based on this article that will print next week.  Wrote up my prayers and such for Lammas ritual.

8/1:  Didn’t sleep well.  Frantic day.  Did my Lammas ritual once the guys where out of the house.  Went well, I think. Made the tigereye bracelet that I now wear on my left wrist.

8/2:  Eastern Colorado.  Mental offerings of particular memories of the day to the Kindreds.  Saw a wild turkey, a large striped beetle with feathery antennas and a “sheet” of rainbow against the clouds instead of a typical rainbow…reminded me of labradorite.

8/3:  Exercised by walking in the late afternoon where I saw many different flowers that were not seen when we drove through the same area earlier…yellow, white and purple, purple, orange, yellow, etc.  Wind through decidiuous trees sounds very different than through pine trees.  More of a whoosh than a rustle though both still remind me of ocean waves striking a beach.  In the morning saw a hawk and several doves.  Found out that Colorado is a fence out state (rather than a fence in state) because in the past that was more practical.

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