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Lammas ritual recap

August 2, 2013

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I did my Lammas or First Harvest ritual this evening.  I honored Demeter, Kore and Kronos with Hermes as my gate Keeper, Gaia as both Earth Mother and Tree and Hestia at the hearth flame.  Overall I think it went fairly well.  It could always go smoother but no major issues that I can remember despite my occasional wandering of attention.  I’m in the midst of packing for a working weekend followed by a Pagan festival at which we are staffing, followed by 5 days with my sister in Denver.  So a million and one things to do…

First Harvest Ritual Altar

First Harvest Ritual Altar

The offerings for the Kindreds was hard cider.  The offerings for the deities of occasion were from our garden:  lettuce, kale, sage, thyme and wild rose.

from our garden

from our garden

I’ve been working on assembling my own pictures (from tarot decks and such) to go with Ian’s 9×9 oracle.  I love how they came out, smaller than I would like but that is a printing issue.  Any way I used them for the omens.  The reading seemed very positive to me.

9x9 oracle omens

9×9 oracle omens

  1. How were my offerings received?  God 3:  Gatekeeper – Hermes is my gatekeeper and is known for delivering messages.  While it could go either way, I felt positive.
  2. How shall the Kindreds respond?  Land 5:  South – Summer – I’m a bit hesitant on this one because it could go either way but I think it is a two layer answer.  Immediately, enjoy the moment, but there is still work to be done.
  3. What more would you have me learn/do?  Sea 9:  Elysium – Learn to relax!  Don’t stress about the little stuff so much!  Our love is yours no matter what.
Post ritual shot

Post ritual shot

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