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Lammas ritual prayers

August 1, 2013

moved from Oaken Scrolls

Statement of intent

On this day
I recognize the beginning of the harvest season
Gardens are bearing produce
Farmer’s markets are picking up
Today begins the slow descent into fall
Soon school will be starting
The days will become cooler
And the nights will be cold
And the leaves will change
But not yet, not yet.
Today I celebrate the end of summer
And the beginning of the harvest season
Though I am alone at my hearth
I know that others have worked before me
I honor them today for their harvest

I hail Demeter & Kore
The seeds have ripened
Your promise has come to fruition
Heralding the change of the seasons
Soon greenery in field, mountain and meadow
Shall perish in the cold
Foretelling Kore’s return to her beloved
The Dance of Life continues

I hail Kronos, wielder of the sickle, King of the Golden Age
Ruler of the right moment for every purpose under heaven
As at the Kronia you were honored, I honor you now
For this is the time of my first fruits festival
Grandfather of the Gods, you are welcome here.

Deities of Occasion

Read Harvest Prayer to Demeter

May Queen,
your wreath of flowers has faded
Replaced now with a harvest wreath
Soon it too will be laid aside
as you begin your journey
To the realms below.
Rush not dear lady
But stay a while longer
Help me to find the joy
In the turning of the wheel
Help me to live in the now
Not fretting about the future
Nor regretting past
Help me to soak up
the sun, the memories, the joy
so that the joy of them
warms my winter.
Dance, oh Kore, dance
So that I may join you!

Kronos, Grandfather, mighty Titan
You who have seen all the Ages
Bearer of the harvest sickle
There is a proper time for everything
Teach me to know the right time
So that I may make the most
Of every opportunity
May I learn from you
To let go of the fruit
Neither too soon, nor too late
So that nothing goes to waste
When my time here is at end
May I be sent to your realm
And there honor you and your wisdom
Before you send me out once again.
Hail Kronos, Golden Age King
Father of almighty Zeus
Lord of Time

Farewell to the Deities of Occasion

I rejoice at my good fortune
Blessed by the bounty of
Demeter, Kore and Kronos
Blessed in the joy
in the simple pleasures of life
A child’s laugh
A kiss truly given
A pantry of surety
For these and all your gifts
I honor and thank thee
I forget not those that aid thy works
For none work alone at harvest time
Blessed be your divine partners in the work
Blessed be those that work the land
Blessed be those that get Gaia’s bounty to my table.
Hail and Farewell Demeter.
Hail and Farewell Kore
Hail and Farewell Kronos

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