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Crazy Busy

July 30, 2013

Between camping trips, herding my child and life in general, things have been crazy busy.

Hubby took a spill off the stairs, so we’ve been dealing with that injury (and a lot of sleepless nights).

Birthday was Friday.  Is it silly to be sad and disappointed that I didn’t get a single gift to unwrap this year?  I didn’t and I am, so I guess silly I am.  Hubby took me to the Renaissance Festival where he bought me a replacement corset in a copper color.  I have no picture to show because we are getting buckles put on it.  I needed a replacement because the exercising I’ve been doing seems to be done some good even if the scale doesn’t show it.  I’ve lost some girth, making my black corset too big and hence rather pokey and uncomfortable.  Hopefully the corset maker can get it made and to me before we leave Friday.

I have a story a brewin’ in my head but haven’t had the time to write down more than the beginning.  Keeping up with the Pagan Square blog but running out of topic ideas…I write that one to honor Hermes and all masculine deities.  The blog last week was on Pan.

This week I’m prepping for essentially two weeks out of town.  Friday evening through Sunday, we’ll be out east branding calves.  Monday through Monday, we’ll be staffing Dragonfest, a local Pagan festival/retreat in the foothills of Denver.  Monday through Friday, I’ll be in Denver seeing my sister who plans on driving up from Texas with her two kids.

Craftwise I’ve been going to a local stitch and bitch every Thursday night where I stitch.  I’ve done repair work and a few little things here and there (like turn a foam “staff” into a bow for my son).  ADF has a 9×9 oracle system but the cards are ughly, so I’ve been putting together artwork to match the card meanings (pulling mostly from my tarot decks for images, but have resorted to wikicommons and deviant art as a last resort).  I’ve designed a gift that I need to stitch for some friends who are finally getting handfasted.  Also been working some more with Lenormand cards as I can fit them in.

I’ve managed to get through the first 4 books of the “Games of Thrones” series but haven’t found time to read the fifth.  I have the latest Anita Blake book and haven’t even managed to find time to crack it open.

Part of my time is spent helping my son to read.  We haven’t read as much as I would like this summer but he is doing well.  Every Wednesday we work on his writing and numbers too.  Putting him in a Learning Center branch of a charter school this year.  Smaller class sizes, computer work, individual instruction.  Hopefully it works out well.

I’m sure there is more but I’m out of time this morning…

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  1. July 30, 2013 7:42 AM

    Sorry I missed your birthday hun 😦 and I hope things get better soon.


    • July 30, 2013 8:16 AM

      Oh it hasn’t been bad really, just not slow, lazy or relaxing. 🙂 No worries on the birthday. I just miss those days when birthdays were a big deal and not (as my husband the clod believes) just another day. I was even surprised when my mother handed me money instead of a wrapped gift…guess at 42, I just need to grow up already.


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