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Daily Practices: 7/21 – 7/27

July 27, 2013

7/21:  hot day, packed up and came home.  Between the heat and the allergy meds, I was too tired to do anything but go to bed.  I may have even forgot my prayers, I don’t think so but it is possible.  I was THAT wiped out.  I even went to bed early.

7/22:  helped my husband on a job today.  Worked more on the 9×9 oracle, getting it into printable shape.  Moonday, full moon, daily devotional honoring Selene, lit incense.

7/23:  Aresday.  Walked part of the bike trail again and then walked some of the cemetery.  I love the cemetery here.  Used to be city park.  Lots of old tomb stones (will post pics later) set with in a wood grove.  I poured water before the military memorials.  Walking back on the bike trail, I picked up trash.  Once the small bag I had was full, I said that was it but then felt compelled to walk lower section and low and behold found a plastic grocery bag…and a lot more trash.  Overall my 20-30 minute walk ended up 90 minutes.  Wrote my “From the Oak” blog on Pan.

7/24:  For Hermesday, I worked with my son on his writing and spelling and then we watched Immortals.

7/25:  exercised. Before bed meditation on Immortals, the gods and my visual impressions of them.

7/26:  My birthday.  Bedtimes prayers, asked Aphrodite to help me to be happily me and thanked my Agathos Daimon for the care and guidance.

7/27:  My Dad’s birthday.  Renn Faire which I enjoy simply because I meet and see so many other Pagans that work or attend.  Lots of walking around…in a corset.  However I did find out that while I have not lost weight, I’ve lost girth…my corset is too big for me now so the exercise is doing something.

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