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Daily Practices: 7/14 – 7/20

July 21, 2013

I’ve hit a rough patch with the Daily Devotional.  Again.  Or is it still.  I’m too tired to remember.  I do however do my nightly prayers no matter what.  I’ve taken to given some sort of offering from my day to the Kindreds during my prayers.  Something funny, something nifty…a smile, an image, a feeling.  It makes me look for three positive things in my day, since I’m more pessimistic than I should be some days that is hard.  The gods are always the hardest to give a offering to…what need of they of anything of mine?  I’m unimportant and not very devote…but I do love them…as much as I know how to love such mysterious beings.

7/14:  lots of rain today.  I do mean LOTS.  Our street looked like a river and the yard, the dirt had puddles.  Still working on picking the pics for the 9×9 oracle from my various divination decks, wiki commons and as a last resort deviant art.  I’m hoping with all the time and effort that I’m giving this the omens will ring true and easy to read through all my muddled ritual doubts.

7/15:  didn’t fall asleep until the sun started coming up and the birds started chirping.  Maybe if I listen to birds when I first go to bed it will trick my body into going to sleep.  Exercised.  Honored Selene during daily devotional and felt compelled to “return” her moonbeam to her…hopefully it is only a visit as I will miss her… Not sure if I mentioned it but in the last two weeks (or more) another spirit animal came forward…a gryphon.  You know part of me feels like an idiot talking about spiritual animals, more less mythical ones, the other part is absolutely delighted…my gryphon is male golden eagle to lion, tall in meditations as my head hits his shoulder.  He gave me his name after several guessing sessions.

7/16:  Walked the trail again today and picked up trash.  Saw a bunch of song birds but no crows which is rather stranger.  Flowers continue to die off.  Along the trail you can see puddle remnants from our heavy rains of late.  Walked in my tevas and had no foot pain.  Posted a story about Zeus and the aegis to my “from the Oaks” blog.

7/17:  Had to run Hubby to the doctor.  Luckily he does not appear to be injured as badly as we feared.  Poured cinnamon whiskey libations to :  Zeus, Ares, the gods and Hermes.  Then preceded to drink a large thimbleful to settle my nerves and relax tense muscles.  Off to bed now.

7/18:  Got ready for another camping trip.  Did yoga.  Feeling tired, run down, worried and blue.

7/19:  Did the last of the packing and was off.  We camped this area last year.  The lakes have a lot more water in them and there is a wider variety of flowers blooming too.  The spot the group picked to camp was next to a lot of sage.

7/20:  Sage hates me so I spent my time either sneezing and blowing my nose or tired and unmotivated due to allergy meds.  Honored my lady during devotional.

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  1. July 22, 2013 6:47 PM

    I’m curious, what is the 9×9 oracle you are talking about? Is this the same one on the Seers’ Guild section of the ADF website?


  2. July 22, 2013 8:21 PM

    No. Not at all. Picky me. 🙂


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